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  • Agriculture collective ; Erosion des sols ; Précipitation ; Ravinement ; Ruissellement ; Slovaquie ; Utilisation du sol ; Versant
  • Natural conditions and land use make the Myjava Hills particularly liable to geomorphic processes induced by surface runoff. The investigation of geomorphic effects focused on a detailed mapping of the spatial distribution of rills and soil loss
  • Carpates ; Dynamique de versant ; Déboisement ; Lithologie ; Modèle ; Mouvement de masse ; Pente de versant ; Précipitation ; Ravinement ; Roumanie ; Utilisation du sol ; Versant
  • influences on present-day slope evolution : rocks, geological structure, slope parameters, drainage and human pressure. A detailed mapping of the area and map analyses have proven that the diversity of slope evolution is reflected by morphodynamics as well
  • Action anthropique ; Aire de loisir ; Datation C 14 ; Eutrophisation ; Holocène ; Hongrie ; Lac ; Niveau lacustre ; Paléo-écologie ; Pollution ; Quaternaire ; Stratigraphie ; Sédiment lacustre
  • (pollen, diatoms, ostracods) in the 4 subbasins of the lake allowed the reconstruction of the ecological history of the area as well providing detailed stratigraphic information. Radiocarbon dating of peat helps to date the beginning of lake formation
  • Aire de loisir ; Bassin-versant ; Bilan hydrologique ; Bilan sédimentaire ; Charge en suspension ; Ecosystème ; Engrais ; Eutrophisation ; Hongrie ; Lac ; Pollution
  • Lake Balaton being a recreation area of international significance, research on the influx of sediments and solutes as well as on pollution and eutrophication is very important. Methods include a detailed analysis of a test area typical for the N
  • The eruptive history of the Tihany Peninsula (Lake Balaton, Hungary) has been studied in detail to understand the evolution of volcanic and tectonic structures. Tectonic and depositional features indicate a maar-type origin of the Outer Lake