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  • Anak Krakatau. A colonization model with in a colonization model?
  • This paper re-examines previous suggestions concerning the colonization of the Krakatau islands since the extirpating 1883 eruption that involve the more recently emergent volcanic island Anak Krakatau, which itself suffered a devastating eruption
  • Colonization of the Krakatau Islands by vertebrates
  • colonized the islands (47 resident land birds species, 13 bats, 11 reptiles and 2 rats). A large proportion of these colonizers consists of species with wide distributions, broad ecological tolerances and/or association with urban or rural situations.
  • The avian colonization of Anak Krakatau, an emergent volcanic island, is described for the period 1952-1991 with emphasis on the resident land birds. The few species that had colonized the island by 1952 were destroyed in a volcanic eruption
  • Genetic change after colonization
  • The purpose of this study is to show the pattern of colonization in some well-known insect groups, and to show the present state of their faunas, mainly based upon the surveys made in 1982. Results and discussion.
  • , there is an extreme difference in climate of the two islands and thus in the kind of available life forms, their means of colonization and rate of growth.