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  • Biography ; Colonialism ; History of geography ; Tropical geography ; Twentieth Century
  • Robequain was a pioneer of colonial and tropical geography who produced the first field-based doctoral monograph on a region in the tropical world, the Thanh Hoa in Annam. He was a passionate traveller who visited many tropical lands and wrote
  • a shoal of books and articles about them. He was a consistent defender of benevolent colonialism, whereby France and other European nations had a moral duty to improve the lot of their subjects in colonial lands. He held a chair at the Sorbonne and taught
  • Biography ; Colonialism ; French school ; Nineteenth Century ; Twentieth Century
  • Marcel Dubois taught colonial geography at the Sorbonne in Paris, and from 1891 to 1894 was co-editor of the Annales de Geographie with Paul Vidal de la Blache. However, this relationship was short-lived and Dubois operated with increasing isolation
  • Bibliographie ; Colonisation ; Conflit ; Géographie humaine ; Habitat rural ; Impact ; Impérialisme ; Repeuplement ; Stratégie ; Urbanisation ; Village ; Ville-campagne
  • Colonisation ; Exploration ; France ; Haute-Normandie ; Histoire de la géographie ; Rouen ; Savoir géographique ; Siècle 19 ; Société de géographie
  • Born into an intellectual family, Jean Dresch was attracted to geography through mountaineering. Ten years of teaching in Morocco and membership of the Communist Party strengthened his opposition to the colonial system. His doctoral work focused