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  • Subsurface hydrology of layered colluvium mantles in unchanneled valleys, South-Eastern Brazil
  • Brazil ; Colluvium ; Deforestation ; Gully erosion ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties ; São Paulo ; Watershed
  • The effects of subsurface hydrology on the evolution of erosive processes inside layered colluvium mantles in unchannelled valleys are investigated. Tensiometer nests were installed in different morphological conditions with their specific depths
  • controlled by the subsurface structure of the colluvium mantle. Daily readings (during one year) and physical and mechanical analyses of the different colluvium layers were carried out.
  • Modeling the spatial distribution of landslide-prone colluvium and shallow groundwater on hillslopes of Seattle, WA
  • Colluvium ; Conceptual model ; Groundwater ; Landslide ; Model ; Natural hazards ; Seattle ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Spatial distribution ; United States of America ; Washington State
  • The AA. developed statistical models of colluvium and shallow-groundwater distributions to aid landslide hazard assessments. The models were developed using a geographic information system, digital geologic maps, digital topography, subsurface
  • exploration results, the groundwater flow modeling VS2DI and regression analyses. Input to the colluvium model includes slope, distance to a hillslope-crest escarpment, and escarpment slope and height. The AA. developed different statistical relations
  • for thickness of colluvium on 4 landforms. The results suggest that Seattle landslides occur in native deposits and colluvium, ultimately in response to surface-water erosion of hillslope toes.
  • Relative instability of colluvium-filled bedrock depressions
  • Field data have been obtained for 80 colluvium-filled bedrock depressions (CBDs) and adjacent slopes on moderately steep, highly dissected, greywacke terrain of the Wellington Region, New Zealand. The response of this terrain to landslide-triggering
  • events, shear strength of CBD colluvium, and infinite limiting equilibrium analysis have been employed to isolate the role of critical stability factors.
  • The role of the degree of weathering and groundwater fluctuation in landslide movement in a colluvium of weathered hornblende-gabbro
  • Clay mineral ; Colluvium ; Experimentation ; Gabbros ; Heavy rain ; Honshu ; Japan ; Mass movement ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Soil properties ; Weathering
  • Pollenanalytical and radio carbon dating of the evolution of colluvium in a loesscovered low mountain range (northern side of the Siebengebirge)
  • C 14 dating ; Colluvium ; Germany ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Land use ; Loess ; Palynology ; Pollen ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; Swamp ; Vegetation
  • The pollen content of three loessian colluviums overlying fen soil horizons in the Siebengebirge near Bonn were investigated. Fagopyrum esculentum (buckweat) in the researched area were formed after the 14th century. Radio carbon dates of the fen
  • Clast fabric in relict periglacial colluvium, Salamanca re-entrant, southwestern New York, USA
  • Colluvium ; Cryoturbation ; Mass movement ; New York State ; Palaeo-environment ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Petrography ; Sampling ; Solifluction ; United States of America
  • Sampling-surface orientation and clast macrofabric in periglacial colluvium
  • Colluvium ; Colorado ; Mass movement ; Microstructure ; Periglacial features ; Sampling ; Slope gradient ; Solifluction ; Statistics ; United States of America
  • Processes dominating macro-fabric generation in periglacial colluvium
  • Alaska ; Colluvium ; Creep ; Gelifluction ; Grain size distribution ; Periglacial features ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties
  • Variation in sedimentary properties of colluvium as a function of topographic setting, Valley and Ridge Province, Virginia
  • pourcentage des débris altérés résultent de variations de l'altération qui sont probablement fonction de l'âge. Le colluvium de concavités basales est le plus ancien (pré-Illinoian), celui des crêtes est immédiatement plus récent, tandis que celui des fonds de
  • Colluvium ; Ireland ; Leaching ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Soil ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties
  • To ascertain if the formation and survival of colluvium deposits, step-like in cross section, can affect soil property variation, a study was carried out in 3 fields at 3 different sites in mid-County Down. Results show that downslope changes
  • Colluvium in bedrock hollows on steep slopes, redwood creek drainage basin, Northwestern California in Soils and geomorphology.
  • The sedimentary chronology of the area exhibited peat, alluvium and two colluviums. These are related to the development of the Swartspruit. - (AJC)
  • China ; Colluvium ; Earth surface processes ; Earthquake ; Geophysics ; Landslide ; Shear stress ; Sichuan
  • primarily formed from colluvial deposits in the valley and secondarily from failure of slopes in granitic rock located uphill. The AA. hypothesize that the main part of the landslide resulted from seismogenic liquefaction of valley colluvium, rather than
  • from liquefaction potentially caused by undrained loading from the granitic slope failures impacting the colluvium. Therefore, they took samples from different areas of the landslide deposit and performed undrained cyclic shear tests on them
  • in the laboratory. The results showed that the sandy soils that comprise most of the deposit are highly liquefiable under seismic loading. It is concluded that liquefaction of the colluvium in the valley during the earthquake was the main reason for this rapid long
  • Clast-fabric strength in hillslope colluvium as a function of slope angle
  • Sediment source and storage in small watersheds on the Keuper marls in Luxemburg, as indicated by soil profile truncation and the deposition of colluvium
  • The deposition of stony colluvium on clay soil as a cause of gully formation in the Rif mountains, Morocco
  • Alluvium ; Colluvium ; Italy ; Mediterranean area ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Toscana
  • Arid area ; Catena ; Colluvium ; Fault ; Fluvial terrace ; Israel ; Pedogenesis ; Rift ; Soil ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics
  • C 14 dating ; Colluvium ; Colorado ; Dendrochronology ; Flood ; Geochronology ; Quaternary ; United States ; Watershed
  • Colluvium ; Erosion ; Geochronology ; Geomorphogenesis ; Glacial features ; Model ; Oxygen 18 ; Pedogenesis ; Periglacial features ; Quaternary ; United States ; Wisconsinan