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  • Place, space and environment in America's leisure landscapes
  • A commentary on leisure as a use of space and as a reflection of American culture. - (DWG)
  • The role of desert shrub size and spacing on wind profile parameters
  • This study examines the effect of shrub size and spacing on the shape of wind profiles measured above shrubs at sites in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. The profile data were reduced to determine the values of the profile parameters, which
  • Perception and planning of open space in Canadian cities
  • Residential solar space-heating potential across the United States and Southern Canada
  • such as space, place, place name, toponym, toponymy, choronymy..., a place name is investigated as an exceptional modality of space appropriation among Quebec's Amerindians, Inuit, and Whites. Toponymic language is examined largely from the structural
  • and semantic points of view. One can see that an opposition exists between the objective notion of space and the subjective notion of denominative action. (Ed.).
  • Gender, class and urban space : the case of Worcester, Massachusetts in Sexe et espace = Sex and space.
  • Open spaces: the life of American cities.
  • The Hare Krishna's transformation of space in West Virginia
  • Open space e rischio sismico in California
  • Rates of sea level rise for southern New England : a space-time concept
  • The Oregon land use Act: implications for farmland and open space protection
  • Factors influencing the space-time lags of regional economics adjustment
  • Space-time components of urban population change
  • The nature of the distribution in space and time of the length of the annual frost free season in Canada, east of the Rockies
  • The evolution of the suburban space economy
  • Competition for rural and urban space in Latin America. Its consequences for low income groups.
  • Social space and group life-styles in rural Manitoba
  • Canada's industrial space-economy.
  • The A. probes the word connotations for the space around the American dwelling and how they reflect certain values of the society. - (DWG)