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  • Making a living in the cocoa frontier, Western Ghana : diversifying incomes in a cocoa economy
  • Agriculture ; Cocoa ; Diversification ; Frontier ; Ghana ; Income ; Rural area
  • Cocoa research in Nigeria: an ex post investment analysis
  • Evolution of rural roads in the Nigeria Cocoa belt
  • Gendered global production networks : analysis of cocoa–chocolate sourcing
  • Agriculture ; Andhra Pradesh ; Cocoa ; Export ; Food consumption ; Gender ; Ghana ; India ; Power ; Production network ; Quality of product ; Social geography ; Supplying ; Tamil Nadu ; Woman
  • This article examines gendered global production networks through analysis of cocoa–chocolate sourcing. To do so, it analyses the value chain is linking Europe and cocoa-growing regions in the Western, Eastern and Ashanti regions (Ghana
  • ) and in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (India). It shows that women consumers ascribe to ‘quality’ chocolate, yet women's contribution to quality cocoa production is poorly remunerated, enhancing value capture by chocolate companies. It concludes
  • that contested gendered power asymmetries and societal ‘re-embedding’ could potential-ly contribute to economic and social upgrading of women farmers and workers, enhancing future quality cocoa sourcing.
  • Degradation of the physical elements of the rural environment resulting from tree crops-cultivation in the Nigerian Cocoa Belt
  • Etude de la dégradation biotique et édaphique quantitative sous culture de cacaoyers, de Gmelina et de Teck et Terminalia superba dans la Nigerian Cocoa Belt, de ses effets sur les systèmes environnementaux, et des techniques à développer pour y
  • Agricultural price ; Cocoa ; Development ; Economic assistance ; Ghana ; Planning ; South Korea
  • is still too dependent on foreign aid and the price of cocoa.―(EMS)
  • Organising the farmers, cocoa, politics and material development in Ghana
  • Trade and trade policy on the world markets in coffee, cocoa and tea
  • The characteristics and fertility status of the soils of the old Cocoa farms of Ibadan region, Nigeria
  • A comparison of soil properties under different landuse types in a part of the nigerian cocoa belt
  • After discussing the situation of the economy in 1950, an attempt is made to show and explain the fact that the country is now poorer than before independence. Bad government and unwise strategiçes towards the cocoa crop are largely to blame. - (EMS)
  • Case studies of a cocoa farm, a rice growing area and an irrigation project illustrate the effects of government policy on agriculture and rural life. - (EMS)
  • Agricultural production ; Cocoa ; Coffee ; Diversification ; Ghana ; Livelihood ; Monoculture ; Regional development ; Rural economy ; Settlement ; Value chain ; Vietnam
  • This article examines value chain dynamics, settlement trajectories and regional development. Through the examples of storable perennial crops (cocoa in Ghana and coffee in Vietnam), it argues that livelihood diversification – or lack thereof
  • Spatial constraints and the functioning of a marketing system, exemplified by the marketing of coffee and cocoa in Sierra Leone in Dutch geography in the 1980s. A selection of contribucions to the I.G.U. 1984.
  • Agricultural product ; Cocoa ; Consumption ; Diffusion ; Plantation ; Tropical zone
  • Agricultural product ; Cocoa ; Farming;Agriculture ; Food product ; French Guiana ; Handicrafts
  • The article includes the following parts: notes on the historical conditions in the expansion of agricultural trade, structures of international agricultural trade (world trade in cereals, in vegetable oil, in cotton, in coffee, tea, cocoa
  • Biotechnology ; Cocoa ; Developing countries ; Farm production ; Farming;Agriculture ; Raw materials ; Regional economy ; Research ; Technology ; Underdevelopment
  • Agricultural practice ; Agricultural product ; Agricultural production ; Cocoa ; Coffee ; Consumption ; Cultivated plants ; International agreement ; Market ; Market regulation
  • Informal activities in developing countries are a determining element in the economic life in rural market centres. Investigations carried out in a little Cameroonian town, situated in the cocoa region, 72 km from the capital Yaoundé corroborate