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  • A contribution to the study of dune deposits of the Belgian coastal plain
  • Progradation, erosion and changing coastal gradient in the coastal barrier deposits of the western Netherlands
  • The literature on the dating of barrier progradation and erosion of the coastal barriers of the western Netherlands is critically reviewed, progradation started around 5000 BP and ended around Roman times, or even later. Some evidence points
  • Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Fault ; Italy ; Marine sediment ; Pleistocene ; Puglia ; Quaternary ; Sea level
  • The Adriatic coastal area stretching from Monopoli to Brindisi in Apulia is characterised by landforms and marine/coastal deposits of Middle-Upper Pleistocene age. An E-W striking fault system, roughly corresponding to the geographic “Soglia
  • Messapica”, is also present. This area shows the effects of different phases of coastal evolution. During the Middle Pleistocene, north of the Soglia Messapica, thin coastal deposits accumulated and abrasion surfaces were cut whereas, to the south, marine
  • sediments were deposited. During the last interglacial period, two thin transgressive beach deposits formed along with a dune belt and backdune deposits. - (NF)
  • Deep-water gypsum deposits as indicated by the Neogene geological history of the central coastal plain of Israel
  • Age of Tunica Hills (Louisiana-Mississipi) quaternary fossiliferous creek deposits| problems of radiocarbon dates and intermediate valley terraces in coastal plains
  • The geographical variations of coastal depositional topographies in Japan
  • Coastal deposit ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Geomorphology ; Vietnam
  • The concept of intrinsic value and depositional coastal landforms
  • Beach ; Coastal dune ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal erosion ; Coastal management ; Coastal protection ; Earth surface processes ; Erosion control ; Human impact
  • Chevron ridges and runup deposits in the Bahamas from storms late in oxygen-isotope substage 5e
  • Aminostratigraphy ; Bahamas ; Climatic variation ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Erratic boulder ; Interglacial ; Rainstorm ; Sea level ; Stratigraphy
  • On low-lying areas of the Bahamas, extensive V-shaped storm-beach ridges (chevrons in this paper) were emplaced by similar, high-energy events. The origin of these storm ridges, associated run-up features, and boulder deposits, plus the implications
  • Sedimentologie van de strandwalafzettingen onder's-Gravenhage en Rijswijk. (Sedimentology of the coastal barrier deposits in the subsurface of The Hague and Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
  • The sedimentology of Holocene coastal deposits, which were exposed in five construction pits in the area of The Hague is investigated. (AIS).
  • High energy coastal sedimentary deposits| an evaluation of depositional processes in Southwest England
  • Coastal deposit ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Earth surface processes ; Lithostratigraphy ; Marine sediment ; Marine transgression ; Pool ; Sand bar
  • Late Quaternary sea levels inferred from coastal stratigraphy and archaeology in Israel in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • The Late Pleistocene and Holocene coastal deposits are interpreted according to the assumption that the bulk of the deposits on the coastal plain of Israel originated in the continental shelf. (P.A. Pirazzoli).
  • An alternative classification and profile type map applied to the Holocene deposits of the Belgian coastal plain
  • The renewed mapping of the Belgian coastal plain met with difficulties concerning mapping units. The objections against the classical tripartition Calais-surface peat-Dunkerque are explained and proved by means of analysis of literature. The new
  • lithological classification (Barckhausen et al.) and its advantages are described. Application of the new method is shown in two different Holocene profile type maps of the Western part of the Belgian coastal plain. (L'A.).
  • on the development of coastal vegetated wetlands in China
  • China ; Clay mineral ; Coastal environment ; Ecosystem ; Grain size distribution ; Human impact ; Humid environment ; Mangrove ; Salt marsh ; Sedimentary structure ; Sedimentation
  • This paper discusses in detail the distributions, plant characteristics and environmental conditions of the coastal vegetated wetlands in China. Given a great amount of fine sediment by rivers, China's coastal wetlands are accumulated rapidly
  • . This factor combined with the human's ruthless reclaimation makes the marshes inmature. The vegetated wetlands are classified into 4 types, each having differential features in geomorphological background, deposits and vegetation.
  • [b1] Inst. Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal Univ., Shanghai, Chine
  • Coastal dune fields at the São Francisco River strandplain, northeastern Brazil : morphology and environmental controls
  • Aeolian features ; Bahia ; Barchan ; Brazil ; Coastal deposit ; Coastal dune ; Coastal environment ; Geochronology ; Holocene ; Quaternary ; River mouth ; Sea level
  • This paper documents the morphology and the environmental controls responsible for the formation and evolution of the São Francisco strandplain dune fields with major emphasis on the active dunes. Three morphological provinces in the active coastal
  • The late Holocene coastal dunefield at Vejers, Denmark: characteristics, sand budget and depositional dynamics
  • Aeolian features ; Coastal environment ; Denmark ; Dune ; Earth surface processes ; Holocene ; Jylland ; Model ; Sand ; Sedimentary structure ; Stratigraphy
  • The main purpose of this project is to map the large-scale 3D structure (sedimentary architecture) of the aeolian deposits and to develop an aeolian event stratigraphy for the late Holocene deposits. The second purpose is to calculate the sand
  • longshore drift. The dynamics of the dunefield are compared to the dynamics of other late Holocene coastal dunefields in northwest Europe.
  • Early to middle Holocene coastal dune and estuarine deposition, Santa Maria Valley, California
  • C 14 dating ; California ; Coastal dune ; Coastal environment ; Estuary ; Holocene ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Sedimentation ; United States of America
  • The AA. present radiocarbon ages of sediments underlying and within the Guadalupe dune sheet, where uplift rates are zero or less, indicate that estuarine deposition began locally around 9-11 ka in response to rising sea level. The estuarine
  • deposits where then buried by dune sands around 3.5-4.3 ka, perhaps in response to sea-level regression during mid-Holocene (-4.5 ka) glaciation and not the earlier glacial periods, as previously inferred by others.
  • Problems of lithostratigraphic classification of Holocene deposits in the perimarine area of The Netherlands
  • Its is concluded that the lithostratigraphic classification of the Holocene sediments in the coastal area has to be disconnected from the genetic concept of a perimarine area. A new system for lithostratigraphic classification in the perimarine area
  • Chronology of inland shell deposits on the southern coast of Sri Lanka
  • The present study shows the distribution of inland fossil deposits and identifies a coastal progradation since late Holocene (late Subborial) time based on C 14 dates from the southern coast of Sri Lanka.