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  • Coal movements in the USSR
  • Coal has long been one of the most important energy sources in the Soviet Union. The A. presents a network simulation of Soviet noncoking coal movements for 1980. The model implies that coal distribution within the Soviet Union is relatively
  • efficient although it is straining railroad facilities. The model also provides justification for suggested changes in the coal industry.
  • Coal industry in India. An historical and analytical account
  • Coal ports and coal carriers in light of the growth of seaborne coal trade in Changing maritime transport.
  • Threshold response of small streams to surface coal minig, bitumous coal fields, central Pennsylvania
  • Stream response to surface coal mining and reclamation was studied in 29 small watersheds located in the bituminous coal fields of Central Pennsylvania. Observed differences in channel morphology were related to differences in extent of mining
  • The towns that coal built : the evolution of landscapes and communities in Southern Colorado
  • Coal ; Colorado ; Mine ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban economy ; Urban function ; Urban history ; Urban landscape
  • A study of coal minig and coal minig towns in the counties of Las Animas and Huuerfano from the late 1880s, when such mining there started, to the present. Almost entirely abandonned between 1915 and 1930, the usually small mines and the towns once
  • supported by them have left little impact on the landscape. A. also discusses the city of Pueblo to the north, the main destination for the coal. - (SLD)
  • Coal metropolis: Cardiff 1870-1914
  • China's coal mining industry.
  • Toekomstmogelijkheden voor steenkool in België. (Future prospects for coal in Belgium)
  • The A. studies the evolution of the demand for coal, the historical prospect as well as the prognosis. He also pays attention to the distribution of the future demand over the various sectors using coal. To end with, he delivers a short sketch
  • Klimat lokalny Lubelskiego Zag ebia Weglowego. (The local climate of the Lublin Coal Basin)
  • The paper presents certain results obtained during the investigation of the local climate of the central part of the Lublin Coal Basin in the years 1973-1974. The results of the study is the map of climate of the Lublin Coal Basin, which also shows
  • The influence of waters from hard-coal mines on the hydrochemical relations of Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) rivers
  • This paper is an attempt to estimate the influence of minewater discharge from the hard coal mines of USCB on the shaping of the hydrochemical conditions of river waters, considering mostly salinity and the salt load removed from this area
  • Appalachian restructuring in historical perspective : coal, culture and social change in West Virginia
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Coal ; Cultural geography ; Economic restructuring ; Industrialization ; Mine ; Regional economy ; Social change ; United States ; Way of life ; West Virginia
  • The focus is on the role of the coal industry in transforming life and labour in this region. The history of the coal industry is characterised by a series of struggles for control. This industry and the state itself was transformed
  • Natural family conditions : narratives of stabilization and the South African Coal Mines, 1910-1970
  • Coal ; Labour ; Labour migration ; Mine ; South Africa
  • The two alternative historical narratives of labour migration and stabilization on the Copperbelt and the Witwatersrand are reviewed. The case of the South African coal mining industry is examinated and the parallels with the Copperbelt
  • stabilization highlighted. The coal mining companies, having ceded the right to their workers to live outside the compounds, were powerless to shape the form that stabilization took on the ground. - (AJC)
  • Tertiary coal resources, eastern Arctic Archipelago
  • In the eastern Canadian Arctic Archipelago major coal resources occur within the late Cretaceous and Tertiary Eureka Sound Formation. The formation, which ranges in thickness from thin erosional outliers on central Axel Heiberg Island to a maximum
  • thickness of 3300 m on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, contains numerous thick seams of coal. The coal is highly variable in quality... Inferred resources within the area of study are calculated as 30.000 million tonnes of which 15.000 million tonnes
  • The development of the anthropogenic relief from the coal mining industry in the Wałbrzych Basin on the ground of the management of waste materials from coal mining in 1975-1996
  • Coal ; Extractive industry ; Geomorphology ; Human impact ; Impact ; Management ; Poland ; Waste ; Wałbrzych ; Years 1970-79 ; Years 1990-99
  • Influence of hard-coal mining as regards changes in the relief of Wałbrzych Basin in the years 1975-1996. The management of waste materials from coal mining has caused an increase in the area of mining spoil heaps of about 783 ha, as well as about
  • Recent trends in the geography of coal
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Charbon ; Clean Air Act Amendment (1970) ; Coal Mining Health and Safety Act (1969) ; Etats Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Localisation industrielle ; Législation ; Middle West ; Mine ; Pollution ; Pollution atmosphérique
  • A budapesti melegforrasok és az un. eocén program kapcsolata. (Relation between the Budapest thermal springs and the program for the exploitation of Eocene brown coal)
  • The program for the mining of Transdanubian brown coal measures will probably influence the water recharge and thus the water supply of the area. (C. Kiricsi).
  • The author retraces the history and draws a sketch of the mining industry, especially the coal winning. Old mines and quarries are described and statistical information on coal winning, people employed in the coal mines, iron ore production
  • Opencast coal guidelines
  • De l'Opencast Coal Act 1958 à la circulaire du Département de l'Environnement de mars 1984. Etudes de cas et discussion. Conflit entre le besoin d'extraction du charbon à ciel ouvert et la qualité de l'environnement au Royaume-Uni.
  • Natural revegetation of coal mine spoils in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and its significance for species selection in land restoration
  • Alberta ; Biogeography ; Canada ; Coal ; Mine ; Rocky Mountains ; Vegetation ; Vegetation dynamics
  • Natural vegetation of coal waste areas is sparse and patchy with low plant cover. More than 50 native plants species frequently occur there; they are better suited to recolonizing such sites than are exotic plants. - (DWG)
  • Displays of hard coal deep mining in aerial photos
  • Deep hard coal mining manifests itself in the landscape in a specific way: primarily through anthropogenic landforms and secondarily through land cover changes not directly related to mining activity. This article focuses on the identification
  • of primary and secondary displays of deep hard coal mining in aerial photos as well as the interpretation of elementary landscape processes that are conditioned by mining. - (EN)