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  • The reconstruction of past climate during the historical period
  • Statistical analysis of historical climate data sets
  • Années 1860-1970 ; Anomalie climatique ; Détection des erreurs ; Géographie physique ; Histoire du climat ; Homogénéité ; Intervalle de confiance ; Méthode Monte Carlo ; Océan ; Pacifique tropical ; Pacifique, îles ; Pression atmosphérique
  • The purpose of this paper is to access the effect of climate on peat accumulation in Canada. Four aspects of the subject are considered : how geographic and historic gradients of temperature and precipitation compare with the distribution and age
  • of peat deposits, the relative importance of local factors to peat accumulation, the role of northern peatlands in the carbon cycle, and implications of climatic warming for peat accumulation.
  • This paper reports the formation of new discontinuous permafrost and very late seasonal ground thawing in North Sweden. The results are discussed in a historical perspective and in relation to recent climatic variability.
  • Historic eruptions of Tambora (1815), Krakatau (1883), and Agung (1963), their stratospheric aerosols, and climatic impact
  • Agung, volcan (1963) ; Aérosol stratosphérique ; Aérosol volcanique ; Cendre volcanique ; Climat historique ; Eruption volcanique ; Géographie physique ; Krakatau, volcan (1883) ; Tambora, volcan (1815) ; Variation climatique ; Volcanisme
  • Historical changes of the regional and global hydrological cycles in Global Change.
  • and permafrosts, or large pluvial epochs of general warming. At present an ever greater impact on the changes of the hydrological cycle is produced by human activities and the recent climatic warming.
  • Authors give a historical survey of the international development of thinking on karst relief evolution. The most important mobilizing factor of karst dynamics is bioactive topsoil. Local climatic conditions exert influences on karst evolution
  • Historical observations of fjord glaciers in southern Alaska suggest that their fluctuations may be asynchronous with one another and with climate. Possible causes for anomalous fjord glacier response to climatic changes involve the instabilities
  • Saharan climates in historic times in The Sahara and the Nile. Quaternary environments and prehistoric occupation in northern Africa.
  • Afrique ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Climat historique ; Domaine aride ; Géographie physique ; Paléoclimatologie ; Sahara ; Sécheresse ; Variation climatique ; Zone intertropicale ; Zone subtropicale
  • la côte méditerranéenne de l'Afrique du Nord ont connu des climats plus humides qu'actuellement tandis que certaines régions de l'Afrique occidentale ont été plus arides| cet épisode est contemporain du petit âge glaciaire des hautes latitudes
  • A chronology of landsliding is presented, including suggestions as to a date for initiation. Periods of activity known from historical sources are correlated with known periods of climatic deterioration. The current morphology of the landslide
  • The article deals with methodical problems. It analyses ecological, geosynergetic, climatic, social-recreative, urban-hygienic, esthetic and other land-use functions by the example of a model area (5 in the transitional zone between
  • the historical town core of Halle and its urban fringe. The model study is to find starting points for a further transformation of the city area of Halle. - (IH)
  • An Examination of monthly and seasonal extremes using historical weather maps from 1781: october 1781
  • 1781 ; Atlantique ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Climat historique ; England ; England and Wales ; Géographie physique ; Pression atmosphérique ; Royaume-Uni ; Sécheresse ; Type de temps ; Variation climatique ; Wales
  • Historic ground failures in northern California associated with earthquakes
  • Small islands and geomorphology : eview and prospect in the context of historical geomorphology
  • Characterization of the weathering crust of various historical buildings in Belgium
  • A variety of samples, collected from different historic buildings and monuments throughout Belgium, were thoroughly studied, using several trace- and microanalysis techniques. Special atttention was also paid to the chemical composition of rain
  • The objectives of this paper are : 1) to review the definition and use of equilibrium concepts in geomorphology| 2) to examine how concepts of system evolution and historical constraint have been incorporated into geomorphology| 3) to discuss how
  • of equilibrium and evolution, which will integrate, and hence provide a perspective on historical and non-historical views of geomorphic systems.
  • Historical change of large alluvial rivers in Western Europe.
  • Le volume est composé de 18 chapitres d'auteurs différents chapeautés par l'étude générale de G. PETTS, Historical analysis of fluvial hydrosystems . Les autres portent sur les changements subis par l'hydrographie, l'hydrologie, l'hydroclimatologie
  • Topical areas that are explored include the modern state of stress| historic seismicity and its inferred cause (s)| historic deformation as inferred from releveling surveys and tidal gauge records| and late Cenozoic crustal deformation inferred from
  • geomorphic, structural, and stratigraphic data. The final section examines the spatial relationship between areas of historical tectonism and seismicity and areas of inferred, longer-term Cenozoic deformation.
  • Incorporation of metalliferous sediments from historic mining into river floodplains. Supply, storage and the potentiel for secondary pollution in the fluvial environment
  • Laurentide ice-flow patterns : a historical review, and implications of the dispersal of Belcher Island erratics