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  • Increasing returns to city size in the face of an impending decline in the size of large cities: which is the bogus fact
  • International perspectives on the definition of intermediate size cities : South African applications
  • City size ; Concept ; Medium-sized town ; Regional planning ; South Africa ; Town
  • Conflicting ideas on the development of intermediate cities in South Africa have been propagated. In the light of international experience, procedures are devised to identify such cities in an objective manner. - (AJC)
  • Urban performance and the control of urban size in China
  • China ; City size ; Economic efficiency ; Town ; Urban policy ; Urban population ; Urbanization
  • The current policy of controlling city size to deter the development of large cities, seems to be either irrelevant or misleading. Instead, against a current background of rapid urbanisation, China should take full advantage of its large cities
  • and pursue a large-city-led policy for its development.
  • On the size distribution of cities : an economic interpretation of the Pareto coefficient
  • City-size distributions and the world urban system in the twentieth century
  • City sizes and quality of life: some observations
  • City-size distribution and central place models: a suggestion
  • Income distribution, city size and urban growth: a final re-examination
  • Rank size distribution, city size hierarchies and the Berckmann model: some empirical results
  • City size and urban life. A preliminary inquiry into some consequences of growth in American cities
  • Zakelijke diensten en middelgrote steden. Business service firms and medium-sized cities
  • -sized cities in south and east Netherlands. - (AGD)
  • The importance of the business service sector for the urban economy has been made operational by ascertaining the size of the local inputs, the volume of regional exports, and the degree of external control for establishments in thirteen medium
  • The rank-size rule of a set of cities with no or weak interaction : a case study in Japan
  • S. M. Guseyn-Zade (1977) presents a new model for the relation of rank and size of cities with noninteractions between the cities within a region. It is different from the Zipf formula. The purpose of this paper is to examine to what extent
  • this model fits the size distribution of cities in seven selected urban areas : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hakodate, Hachinohe and Morioka areas, excluding the top rank city in each area. The result shows S. M. Guseyn-Zade's model is appropriate for Tokyo
  • The changes of city size in new China.
  • Changes are analysed according to size of population, by major functions, and by geographical location. Large and medium-sized cities grew more rapidly than small ones, accounting for 85 per cent of the urban population in 1982. By function
  • , provincial capitals and mining-manufacturing cities grew more rapidly and are expected to develop further. Cities of coastal regions develop most quickly but in the hinterland regions landward from the coast, city size is more evenly developed because
  • of newly erected cities. In the remote border region of the interior new cities have draw large populations. (TNC).
  • The long-term trend toward increased dispersion in the distributions of city sizes
  • City size ; City;Town ; Dynamic model ; Rank-size distribution ; Urban network ; Urban system
  • City type, city size, trade patterns and interurban transport costs in a spatial economy
  • Agglomeration ; City size ; Economic equilibrium ; Economies of scale ; Model ; Transport cost ; Urban economy ; Urban structure ; Utility function
  • Crime rates and City size in New Zealand
  • There is no clear relationship between urbanisation and crime in New Zealand. However this situation may be temporary, given the rapid escalation in the incidence of crime in the rapidly changing inner and outer suburbs of the largest cities
  • (Auckland City, Papakura, Otahihi appeared among the highest crime areas).
  • Causal mechanisms of motorization in the medium-sized local cities of Japan : a cross-section analysis in 1990
  • Japan ; Medium-sized town ; Multivariate analysis ; Transport system ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport
  • This paper considers the present state of proliferation by applying some statistical methods to a set of cross-sectional data, an array of transportation and socio-economic variables in 1990 for each of eighty-four medium-sized cities located
  • An explanatory model of city-size distribution: evidence from cross-country data
  • Agglomeration ; City size ; Living standard ; Measurement ; Model ; Population concentration ; Rank-size distribution ; Regression analysis ; Town ; Urban hierarchy
  • Increasing unevenness in the distribution of city sizes in post-Soviet Russia
  • City size ; Economic region ; Post-communism ; Rank-size distribution ; Regional disparities ; Russia ; Spatial distribution ; Urban population