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  • Pleasure and danger: the paradoxical spaces of sexual citizenship
  • Spaces of citizenship
  • Behaviour ; Citizenship ; Community ; Social geography
  • The spaces of citizenship are considered in relation to sexuality. Various articulations of sexual citizenship, through consumption and activism, are considered in relation to critiques of citizenship theory. Between public and private, between sin
  • and crime, the citizen-pervert lives out a paradoxical geography which destabilizes the surrounding hegemonic discourse on both sexualities and citizenship.
  • Active citizenship and local governance: political and geographical dimensions
  • Spaces of citizenship
  • Citizenship ; Community ; Democracy ; Local policy ; Organization ; Participation ; Political geography ; Social group ; United Kingdom ; Urban district
  • This paper discusses the possibility of a participatory form of democracy emerging in the UK aout of the confluence of active citizenship and local governance and through reform of the state and civil society. Both the citizen's inclination
  • Law and order policy and the spaces of citizenship in contemporary Britain
  • Spaces of citizenship
  • Citizenship ; Criminality ; Great Britain ; Ideology ; Legislation ; Political geography ; Public order ; Security ; United Kingdom
  • for the meaning of citizenship in Britain (by enhancing a sense of individual responsability for the welfare of community). Particular pieces of recent legislation are outlined.