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  • The changing face of China : from Mao to mini-skirts and Mercedes
  • Special China issue
  • China ; Development ; Modernization ; Social change
  • A China watcher looks at some of the socioeconomic changes in the post-Mao era : growth of inequality, increase in violence, thievery, prostitution, and sexually transmitted diseases. - (DWG)
  • Internal migration in the People's Republic of China
  • Special China issue
  • China ; Internal migration ; Migration model ; Rural outmigration
  • Comments on China's internal migration policy and proposes a migration model to understand the basis of why and where people move. - (DWG)
  • Follow the flowers : the itinerant bee-keepers of China
  • Special China issue
  • Agricultural product ; Apiculture ; China ; Export ; Social organization
  • Although bee keeping and honey production are not long traditions in China, many people from four provinces now move with their hives to find honey sources in flowering plants and to pollinate crops. Two thirds of the honey in China is exported
  • Population of China : large is not beautiful
  • Special China issue
  • Birth control ; China ; Population ; Population density ; Population distribution ; Population growth
  • Recent demographic trends, focusing on the government-sponsored birth control campaigns. The A. asserts that only socioeconomic development can effectively curb population growth and improve quality of life in China. - (DWG)
  • Tourism in China and the impact of June 4, 1989
  • Special China issue
  • China ; Custom ; International tourism ; Regional disparities ; Tourism ; Tourist site ; Touristic behaviour
  • Recent tourist trends in China with analysis of the sources (Japan and the USA are the two major markets) and centers (Guangshou, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai received more than 500 000 tourists in 1989), a notable decrease from 1988 before
  • Special China issue
  • China ; Countryside ; Local market ; Periodic market ; Retail trade ; Shaanxi ; Village
  • Description of rural markets that enliven many villages in the interior of China. - (DWG)
  • Special China issue
  • Asia ; China ; Exploration ; Himalaya ; Landscape ; Nepal ; Traveller's tale ; Xizáng Zizhiqu
  • Special China issue
  • China ; City;Town ; Urban function ; Urban morphology ; Urban site ; Xizáng Zizhiqu