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  • Produktpiraterie, Plagiate und geistiges Eigentum in China
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • China ; Manufactured products ; Regulation ; Technology
  • China is today´s leading global provider of plagiarized products, with growing international pressure to improve efforts on protecting intellectual property. For now more than two decades, the Chinese economy has been importing other countries´ know
  • . Under this policy, China proposed by becoming the manufacturing center of the world; but it also created an economy highly dependent on foreign technology. - (IfL)
  • Die Wissensmacht China
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • China ; Economic development ; Globalization ; Knowledge ; Research
  • Ausländische Direktinvestitionen und Wissenstransfer nach China
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • China ; Economic geography ; Export ; Globalization ; Innovation ; Investment ; Technology transfer
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • Car ; China ; Competition ; Manufactured products ; Market economy
  • In connection with international car exhibitions in 2007 BMW sued the importer of an SUV made in China that resembled its BMW X5 model. Equally Mercedes-Benz is considering suing a Chinese car manufacturer as his model looked very much like
  • the “Smart”. Such legal battles illustrate that Chinese car manufacturers have closed in on international competitors over the past years. As late as 1978, China produced only 15 000 cars, mostly hand-made. In the meantime Chinese companies have gained
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • China ; Innovation ; Research ; Technological park ; Technology
  • Wirtschaftsmacht China
  • China ; Decision making process ; Delta ; Economic geography ; Electronics ; Firm ; Guangdong ; Hong Kong ; Manufactured products ; Zhu Jiang