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  • Weng Wen-Hao's contribution to the founding of geographical science in China.
  • One of the founders of modern geography in China, Weng was a geologist whose contribution was largely in physiography. He was the first Chinese to introduce the Wengener's hypothesis of continental drift into China, published extensively
  • on the process of relief formation in China, was responsible for the classification of Chinese geological history into eras and periods and the identification of the Yan-shan mountain movement and detailed accounts of many tectonic and orgenic morphology in China
  • The foreign establishment in China in the early twentieth century
  • The McMahon line and after. A study of the triangular contest on India's North eastern frontier between Britain, China and Tibet
  • Chu K'o-Chen and China's climatic changes
  • Crisis and prosperity in Sung China
  • The Production of salt in China, 1644-1911
  • Deutsche Geographen als Forscher und Lehrer in China. (Les géographes allemands qui firent des recherches et enseignèrent en Chine)
  • Geographie in China ein Bericht. (La géographie en Chine compte rendu)
  • Problems of quantitative geography in China.
  • Der Lebenweg des Geographen, Geomorphologen und China-Forschers Ferdinand von Richthofen 1833-1905. (La vie du géographe, du géomorphologue et du chercheur sur la Chine, Ferdinand von Richthofen, 1833-1905)
  • The evolution of military geography in China is traced back to early history (475-221 B.C.). Modern development in this field, the scope and methodology of study and their subdivisions are examined. (TNC).
  • Ancient city ruins in the deserts of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China
  • Ferdinand von Richthofens Atlas von China (Idee-Durchführung Ergebnis). (L'Atlas de la Chine de Ferdinand von Richthofen. Conception, réalisation, résultat)
  • The historical development of cartography in China