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  • Enriching children, institutionalizing childhood? Geographies of play, extracurricular activities, and parenting in England
  • Children ; Education ; England ; Family ; Middle class ; Primary education ; Social geography ; United Kingdom ; Working class
  • This article it focuses on children's participation in enrichment activities, including both individual and collective extracurricular sporting, cultural, and leisure opportunities in in the English Midlands. Hortonshire. It reveals that middle
  • -class children have much higher participation rates than their working-class counterparts. It also shows that the ability to pay for enrichment, however, means that it is incorporated into, and transforms, middle-class family life in ways not open
  • to working-class families. It concludes that support across the class spectrum for these instrumental forms of play that institutionalize childhood in school, community, and commercial spaces leads to calls for subsidized provision for low-income children
  • Geographies of education and the significance of children, youth and families
  • Children ; Education ; Family ; Research ; Social geography ; Social reproduction ; Students ; Young people