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  • Analyse de sensibilité ; Concept ; Dynamique du paysage ; Echelle spatiale ; Géomorphodynamique ; Géomorphologie ; Héritage géomorphologique ; Résistance au changement
  • The landscape sensitivity concept concerns the likelihood that a given change in the controls of a system or the forces applied to the system will produce a sensible, recognisable, and persistent response. Change takes place through time and space
  • forces, spatial interactions with structure, divergent pathways of change propagation, evolution of barriers to change, effects of inheritance, and the effects of change on system specifications all need to be understood at all temporal and spatial scales.
  • 2001
  • Action anthropique ; Dégradation de l'environnement ; Ecologie humaine ; Erosion des sols ; Géographie historique ; Islande ; Modélisation ; Politique agricole commune ; Surpâturage ; Téphrochronologie ; Utilisation agricole du sol
  • The AA. assess the extent to which common land domestic grazing pressures were the primary external force causing soil erosion and land degradation during the period of occupation from ca. 874 AD in Southern Iceland. They first provide field
  • 2001
  • Analyse de sensibilité ; Dynamique littorale ; Erosion littorale ; Holocène ; Héritage géomorphologique ; Lithologie ; Littoral ; Niveau marin ; Paysage ; Plage ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland
  • initiated a process of internal re-organisation that, because of an inherent sensitivity to sea level change and low thresholds for the forcing of change, fundamentally restricts future management options. The paper also attempts to show that hard rock
  • 2001