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  • Knowledge in the air and cooperation among firms : traditions of secrecy and the reluctant emergence of specialization in the ceramic manufacturing of Lampang, Thailand
  • Ceramic industry ; Cluster ; Developing countries ; Firm ; Industrial branch ; Industrial district ; Industry ; Knowledge transfer ; Specialization ; Thailand
  • Conflict between two industrial networks : technological adaptation and inter-firm relationships in the ceramics industry in Seto, Japan
  • disturbances. Charcoal dates range from 6260 yr B.P. to the present. Ceramic shards were found at several sites.
  • artifects ceramics, settlement patterns, and ethnobotanical remains from 25 stratified archaeological sites within the Holocene alluvial terrace.
  • complexes, based on ceramics and metalware trades, sit alongside agricultural systems embracing both arable and grassland specialisms. These varied landscapes are both products and reflections of many histories. This atlas includes an array of specially
  • of diagnostic ceramic fragments and, for the first time, IRSL dating techniques were used to establish a local geochronological frame for the polje evolution. The results are discussed against the background of similar studies on late Quaternary polje evolution
  • above and below by C 14, associated ceramic sherds and correlation with Late Neolithic levels. The nature and function of this channel is evaluated through comparisons with natural channels (ancient and modern) together with evidence from palynology
  • . Geochronostratigraphical data were based on radiocarbon dating and the archaeological age estimation of diagnostic ceramic fragments. Geomorphological, sedimentological and geochemical methods were used to reconstruct the local palaeogeographical evolution and relative sea