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  • The Caucasus in a time of conflict, demographic transition, and economic change
  • Caucasus ; Chechenia ; Dagestan ; Demography ; Development ; Economic development ; Ethnic cleansing ; Ethnicity ; Eurasia ; Geopolitics
  • The effects of natural and anthropogenic changes on heat and water budgets in the Central Caucasus, USSR
  • Caucasus ; Climatic variation ; Climatology ; European part of USSR ; Georgia ; Global change ; Human impact ; Hydrology ; Snow line ; Vegetation ; Water balance
  • The AA. calculate that during the last 100-140 years, the water budget at the highest altitudes in the Central Caucasus has changed in accordance with global climatic change, but that at lower altitudes the major impacts are due to anthropogenic
  • Holocene development of soils in response to environmental changes : the Novosvobodnaya archaeological site, North Caucasus
  • Archeological site ; Caucasus ; European part of Russia ; Forest ; Holocene ; Palaeo-environment ; Pedogenesis ; Soil ; Steppe
  • The A. reports a study of soil evolution based on surface and buried soils of different ages near the Novosvobodnaya settlement, south of Maykop city in the North Caucasus. The character of soils buried under the mounds and the presence of relict
  • The Main and Lateral ranges and the water parting of the Greater Caucasus (terminological problems)
  • Soil formation under meadow and forest vegetation in the alpine region of the Central Caucasus (Elbrus region)
  • Glacier trends in the Caucasus, 1960s to 1980s
  • Caucasus ; Climatic variability ; Former USSR ; Glacier ; Glacier fluctuation ; Glacier front ; Glacier mass balance ; Glaciology ; Moraine ; Mountain
  • Caucasus and Iran. 1. Physical geography, population and economy. 2. Language contact
  • Caucasus ; Cultural studies ; Economy ; Eurasia ; Iran ; Language ; Physical geography ; Population
  • An empire fraying edge ? The North Caucasus instability in contemporary Russian geopolitical culture
  • Caucasus ; Corruption ; Criminality ; Economic growth ; European part of Russia ; Geopolitics ; Political geography ; Public opinion ; Separatism ; Terrorism
  • Conflicts in the Caucasus and their resolution : a framing essay : Violence and armed conflicts in the Caucasus
  • A geriatric fountain of youth in the Caucasus or spurious census data: spooning through the yogurt myth
  • Caucasus ; Elderly people ; Europe ; Health ; Living conditions ; Medical geography ; Myth
  • The A. examines the purported clustering of centenarians (those who have surpassed 100 years) in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet States, and question its plausibility based on the pattern of the reported data. The idea of extraordinary
  • Annual mass-balance series of a temperate glacier in the Caucasus, reconstructed from an ice core
  • Caucasus ; European part of Russia ; Geochemistry ; Geophysics ; Glacier ; Glacier mass balance ; Ice core ; Oxygen 18 ; Time series ; Twentieth Century
  • on the Djantugan firn plateau in the crest zone of the Main Caucasus Ridge. Annual layers are identified by visual and textural petrographic analysis in situ. Geochemical and isotope methods are also applied. The reconstructed continuous mass-balance time series
  • Tectonics of the Caucasus and adjoining regions: implications for the evolution of the Tethys ocean in Tectonics. A selection of papers.
  • Vegetation structure in the high mountains of the Balkan peninsula and the Caucasus, USSR
  • Changing life patterns in the Caucasus: the contributions of agriculture and cattle breeding in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • Tracking sediment provenance and erosional evolution of the western Greater Caucasus
  • Caucasus ; Digital elevation model ; Drainage network ; Erosion ; Erosion rate ; European part of Russia ; Geomorphometry ; Heavy minerals ; Isotope analysis ; Petrology ; Sedimentology ; Tectonics ; Vertical movement
  • This paper investigates landscape characteristics and sediment composition in the western Greater Caucasus by using multiple methods at different timescales. Areas of active recent uplift are assessed by quantitative geomorphological techniques
  • of tectonically active landscapes, and implies that the controls on channel gradient ultimately dictate the topography and the relief along the Greater Caucasus. The results indicate westward decreasing rates of erosional unroofing from the central part
  • After ethnic violence in the Caucasus : attitudes of local Abkhazians and displaced Georgians in 2010 : Violence and armed conflicts in the Caucasus
  • [b2] Caucasus Programme, Conciliation Resources, Brussels, Belgique
  • Paleosols from the groups of burial mounds provide paleoclimatic records of centennial to intercentennial time scale : A case study from the Early Alan cemeteries in the Northern Caucasus (Russia)
  • Caucasus ; Climate reconstruction ; European part of Russia ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Irrigation ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeosol ; Soil evolution ; Soil science
  • Challenges facing the mountain peoples of the Caucasus
  • Abkhazia ; Agriculture ; Armenia ; Azerbaydzhan ; Caucasus ; Chechenia ; Conflict ; Crisis ; Dagestan ; Demography ; Determinism ; Ethnic community ; Eurasia ; Georgia ; Ingushet Republic ; Kabardin-Balkaria ; Mountain ; North Ossetia ; South
  • Caucasus ; Central-East Europe ; Demographic change ; Ethnic community ; Ethnic composition ; Europe ; Nationalism ; Post-communism ; Regional disparities
  • In this paper, the author assesses and explains changes in ethnic composition that occurred in the postcommunist countries of Europe and the Caucasus during the 1990s. Quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of ethno-demographic changes
  • Past and present changes of mudflow intensity in the central Caucasus in Proceedings of the Conference on the transformation of mountain environments (TOME), part two.