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  • Computer programs for the analysis of categorical data
  • Categorical wombling: detecting regions of significant change in spatially located categorical variables
  • Categorical data ; Graph ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics
  • Visual categorization with aerial photographs
  • On some models of categorical data analysis and their application to geographical problems
  • Investigating global and local categorical map configuration comparisons based on coincidence matrices
  • Categorical data ; Information ; Map ; Matrix analysis ; Ontario ; Simulation ; Vegetation
  • Regional coordination of federal categorical grants. Change and continuity under the new federalism in Learning from the Past. The history of planning.
  • The colocation quotient : a new measure of spatial association between categorical subsets of points
  • Categorical data ; Distribution of points ; Location ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial association ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Statistics
  • This paper identifies and categorizes traffic axes and analyses their significance in the development of urbanization axes in Central Croatia. By means of traffic infrastructure and the importance of traffic routes levels of developmental axes
  • are identified, while urbanization axes are identified and categorized by means of the number and continuity of urban and urbanized settlements.
  • Kategorizacia zasolenych pôd pre ich zurodnenie v oblasti Podunajskej niziny Categorization of salinized soils with a view to their reclamation within the Danube lowland area
  • Categorizing housing and households in a regional context : Piedmont
  • Modeling strategies for categorical data : examples from housing and tenure choice
  • Modeling categorical data with chi square automatic interaction detection and correspondence analysis
  • Categorical data with inherent spatial dependance : the case of cluster sampling
  • Categorical, multivariate analysis of intra-urban migration
  • Regionalizacia geomorfologickych celkov CSSR z hladiska potencialnej erozie lesnej pôdy. (Regional categorization of Czechoslovak geomorphologic units on the basis of a potential erosion of forest soils)
  • Categorized characteristics of hinterland and foreland in Villes et ports.
  • . The results reveal that behaviorally, mental rotation performance of the different stimuli type is statistically consistent within categorical type and statistically different among categorical types. Further, the brain activation results reveal
  • Categorical data analysis for geographers and environmental scientists.
  • An approach to evaluating categorical hypotheses
  • Categorical data analysis in Quantitative geography: a British view.