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  • Cartographic aspects of geomorphological maps of polar areas
  • Cold area ; Geomorphology ; Spitsbergen ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • The cartographer's conceptual process and thematic symbolization
  • Etude des processus de conceptualisation du cartographe: identification des objets à communiquer| observation sélective et conceptualisation du monde réel| identification des principaux attributs spatiaux du monde conceptualisé, alors
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Geomorphology ; Geomorphometry ; Graphics ; Hypsometry ; Methodology ; Relief ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • Automation of thematic cartography in Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The paper covers the problems of geographical information systems, the perspectives of cartographic application of factor analysis, the COMAPO system and the FOTOMASK procedure and the automatic computing of diagrams and their cartographic
  • Cartographic display ; Cartographic technique ; Natural environment ; Social environment ; Spatial distribution ; Thematic mapping
  • The maps are classified into general geographical and thematic maps. The general geographical maps can be topographic or chorographic maps, which show objects that help orientation. The thematic maps are made with another objective: to represent
  • the spatial distribution of natural and social phenomena including their characteristics, structure and functions. This explains why the makers of thematic maps have always used various methods to visualize their topic. This paper gives an overview
  • of the development of the representation methods of thematic map making. - (AM)
  • Eine Grundstruktur kartographischer Modellbildung. (A fundamental structure of cartographic modelling)
  • The structure of cartographic modelling is presented by subdivision of its methodics into spatial-thematic, mathematic-cartographie and graphic-semiotic modelling. The following concepts are described as features of cartographic models: spatial
  • Going beyond location: thematic maps in the early elementary grades
  • Cartographical display ; Spatial representation ; Teaching of geography ; Thematic mapping ; United States of America
  • Results of an experiment to evaluate thematic mapping abilities of second-grade students. Demonstrated that students of this age group (7 years) have the ability to describe spatial patterns. - (DWG)
  • Automated mapping ; Cartographic information ; Cartographic technique ; Computing ; Digitization ; Thematic mapping
  • Wide spread of personnel computers forces the use of all available input devices for cartographic information digitizing. The paper deals with the results of experiments on digitizing of different traditional cartographical documents by dekstop
  • publishing scanner and processing of such images by raster painting programmes. One of the most effective usages of such scanner in geographical practical work is the digitizing of contour maps for further thematic maps composition and design. - (L'A.).
  • Cartographic information ; Communication ; Modelling ; Thematic mapping
  • The paper demonstrates a cartographic communication model by the modelling of thematic maps in which the integration of maps in the courses of action is considered. It enables the formal description of different situations of action
  • The cartographic representation of linguistic data
  • Cartographical display ; Cultural studies ; Frontier ; Hungary ; Language ; Regional identity ; Regionalism ; South Africa ; Territory ; Thematic mapping
  • Fundamental aspects of cartographical simulation, essence of the system account in cartography role of cartographers and geographers in thematical mapping of geographical phenomena. Positive and negative aspects in utilization of mathematical
  • methods and aimed transformation of cartographical fundamentals for the performance of specific geographical states of affairs.
  • In 1977 issued a significant cartographic publication-the Military Geographic Atlas. All continents are graphically represented in this extensive cartographic work in various scales and thematically different maps. Some basic data concerning
  • the amount and the structure of the atlas, the thematic division, the system of scales and cartographic represented territories are mentioned. (MS).
  • Cartographic information ; Cartographic symbol ; Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Information ; Perception ; Thematic mapping
  • Mapping from space. Cartographic applications of satellite image data
  • Allemagne ; Berlin ; Cartographie ; Image satellite ; LANDSAT ; Méthodologie ; SPOT ; Thematic Mapper ; Traitement des données ; Télédétection
  • Berlin ; Cartography ; Data processing ; Germany ; LANDSAT ; Methodology ; Remote sensing ; SPOT ; Satellite imagery ; Thematic Mapper
  • Digital as well as photographic satellite image data offer a high potential of topographic and thematic information. The paper discusses the application of such data for mapping purposes. Main emphasis is laid on a new map type, the Satellite Image
  • of data, and integration of graphical elements. An increase in cartographic applications of satellite remote sensing data is anticipated.
  • Cartographical display ; Czech Republic ; Groundwater ; Regionalization ; Thematic mapping
  • On the example of the Map of Groundwater Regionalization in the Czech Republic the inevitable cooperation with cartographers and geographers is discussed. The use of different types of dashes or numerical codes belongs among the appropriate method
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Cartography;Mapping ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automated cartography ; Information system ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • Sir Robert Kane's land classification maps. A mid-nineteenth century cartographic initiative
  • Cartography ; Historical geography ; Historical mapping ; Ireland ; Land use ; Nineteenth Century ; Soil classification ; Soil map ; Thematic map
  • mapping of variations in land quality in Ireland, and may claim a significant place in the histories of thematic mapping and agricultural science in Ireland.
  • Cartography ; Geographical information system ; Remote sensing ; Thematic mapping ; Topographic map
  • Leading from the explanation of cartography's tasks and the technically unique cartographic view on remote sensing data, it links up to the cartographic use of the data material. The A. describes the direct and indirect applications with regard
  • to topographic and thematic maps and reports from various practical projects in order to illustrate the main points. Finally the future dimension of remote sensing cartography within the field of developing geographical information system (GIS) is pointed out.
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Cartography;Mapping ; Methodology ; Practice of geography ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Lisbon ; Population ; Portugal ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography