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  • Cartographic aspects of geomorphological maps of polar areas
  • Cold area ; Geomorphology ; Spitsbergen ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Geomorphology ; Geomorphometry ; Graphics ; Hypsometry ; Methodology ; Relief ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the morphometrical methods used in geomorphology : value scales, graphic representation of the morphometry and of the land inclination. - (M. Vârlan).
  • Argentina ; Cartographical display ; Cartography ; Geomorphological map ; Geomorphology ; Mendoza ; Zonation
  • To evaluate the importance of anthropogenous changes of the relief it is necessary to consider the further geomorphological development of new forms and the possibility of their economic application. Cartographic methods of interpretation. (MS).
  • Human influence in geomorphology
  • Geomorphology : the research frontier and beyond
  • Climatic warming ; Coastal erosion ; Deforestation ; Environment ; Geomorphology ; Glacier ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; Human impact ; Permafrost ; Precipitation ; Remote sensing ; Rill wash;Runoff ; Sea level ; Vegetation
  • In the last two decades concern with global environmental change has brought the role of anthropogeomorphology into sharper focus. Global warming, if it occurs, will have important implications for many geomorphological processes and phenomena
  • as a result of the direct effects of warming, as a consequence of other related climatic changes (e.g. précipitation change) and as a result of climatically moderated changes in major geomorphologically significant variables (e.g. vegetation cover
  • ). Geomorphologists need, inter alia, to establish long-term study sites that will generate base-line data, to monitor the location and rate of change using sequential cartographic and remote sensing materials, to determine information on natural background levels
  • Beobachtung ist die Grundlage der Geographie ! Herbert Louis als Ländlerkundler, Kartograph und Geomorphologe
  • L'observation est la base de la géographie ! Herbert Louis comme tenant de la géographie régionale, cartographe et géomorphologue
  • Cartography ; Epistemology ; Geomorphology ; History of geography ; Regional geography
  • Recent geomorphological evolution of the deltas of the Rivers Seman and Vjosa, Albania
  • Albania ; Archaeology ; Channel geometry ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Delta ; Fourteenth Century ; Historical geography ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Meander ; Neotectonics ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Remote sensing ; SPOT ; Seventh
  • The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast available geomorphological, cartographic, satellite, archaeological and historical data, in order to locate precisely and date former river channels and former deltaic mouths. The AA. also present
  • a comprehensive dynamic geomorphological account of the development of the deltas since the 7th century BC. From the end of the 16th century, an acceleration of the processes of changes in the river courses and progression of the deltas can be detected, affecting
  • Automated geomorphological mapping is based on an automatic transfer of scanner space photoes data to a corresponding base map along with the absolute geographic fixation of the results. The cartographic image for a geomorphological map of the SW
  • European part of the USSR has been obtained using the automated cartographic system ACS - MGU. - (L'Ed.).
  • Erosion ; Geomorphology ; Measurement ; Methodology ; Physical geography
  • , cartographic and material) and literature. Presented are also employabilty's of erosion models and different methods of measurement for the erosion processes research. - (IKR)
  • Detailed review on cartographic activities carried out in the Geographical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences during the last 40 years, ranging from series of geomorphological thematic maps to the new edition of the National
  • Geomorphology of Fljotsdalshérad, eastern Iceland, and its implications
  • Les témoins des phases principales jalonnant le retrait demeurent rares et de dimensions modestes. Les anciens chenaux sous-glaciaires, cartographiés, sont très développés. Les paysages tardi-glaciaires ont surtout été influencés par les processus
  • Zur morphogenetischen Bedeutung der Graulehme in der Nordeifel. in Soils and geomorphology. (Signification morphogénétique des limons gris dans le nord de l'Eifel)
  • Des sols relictes considérés comme des plastosols tertiaires ont été cartographiés. Une classification des limons est proposée. Elle utilise la capacité d'échange de cations de la fraction argileuse. La signification morphogénétique des limons gris
  • Glacial geomorphology and dynamics in Soviet Karelia interpreted by means of satellite imagery
  • Grâce à des compositions colorées d'images de satellite, les formes glaciaires, fluvioglaciaires, moraines terminales et moraines à hummocks ont été cartographiées avec le type et le taux d'ablation glaciaire. La direction et l'intensité du flux
  • Quaternary geomorphology in tectonically active areas with emphasis in fluvio-coastal processes
  • is analyzed in order to identify the threshold values for the occurrence of the geomorphological and hydrological processes that negatively impact the environment and society. At the same time, based on certain specific parameters of the 3 discussed factors
  • , the AA. have accomplished a multi-criteria analysis that highlights the vulnerability to hydrogeomorphological processes of the investigated watersheds. The basic methods are the analytical and synthetic ones, based on graphical and cartographical models
  • . The AA. could mention the use of graphical and cartographical data representation.
  • [b1] Fac. of Geography, Dept. of Geomorphology, Pedology and Geomatics, Univ., Bucarest, Roumanie
  • Black Sea ; Cartographic display ; Coastal environment ; Continental slope ; Geomorphogenesis ; Geomorphology ; Sea floor
  • Cartographical display ; Geomorphological map ; Thematic mapping
  • Geomorphology ; Glacial landform ; Lateglacial ; Mountain ; Scotland ; Stratigraphy ; United Kingdom
  • cartographiée dans les Highlands du nord-ouest de l'Ecosse. Utilisant des données géomorphologiques de sites datés, l'étude se veut une approche à la reconstitution de glaciers pour des régions tempérées de montagne.
  • Cartographic technique ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphometry ; Relief ; Thematic mapping
  • Automated mapping ; Cartographical display ; Damage ; Ecology ; Erosion ; European part of Russia ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphology ; Risk
  • Cartographical display ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphology ; Methodology ; Scale ; Theory