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  • The paper covers the problems of geographical information systems, the perspectives of cartographic application of factor analysis, the COMAPO system and the FOTOMASK procedure and the automatic computing of diagrams and their cartographic
  • Cartographic design ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Map projection ; Pedagogy ; Teaching of geography
  • Cartographic design ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Graphics ; Mapping technique
  • Cartographic display ; Cartographic symbol ; Digitization ; Slide rocks ; Switzerland ; Topographic map ; Topography
  • The article deals with the terms scree, relief representation, topographic mapping and federal office of topography swisstopo (Switzerland). This paper introduces an automatic method for the symbolization of scree. First, design principles
  • The authors discuss the theoretical bases and methods of the automatic compilation of slope angles and exposure maps using aerial photoes. The mapping was carried out by the automatic cartographic system AKS-MGU . The basic data are taken from
  • Atlas ; Cartography ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Congress ; Geographical information system ; Mapping technique
  • International Cartographical Association, International, (Commanditaire)
  • ATKIS is the German topographic cartographic spatial database and presently contains more than 60 different feature types for the whole area of Germany in the scale of 1:25000. The ATKIS data are the basis for a large number of applications in very
  • different fields, like environmental planing, street information systems, forest monitoring and a lot more. in order to eliminate the bottle-neck of manual updating, a software was developed at the Institute for Photogrammetry (IFP) for the automatic
  • The introduced method represents an attempt to dispose obtainable informations from automatically deciphered cosmic MS-data and to convert the results in cartographic performances for the planning bodies, especially for the general built-up planning.
  • General views on automatic mapping of hydrologic elements
  • Automatic digitalization of area-oriented maps
  • Automated geomorphological mapping is based on an automatic transfer of scanner space photoes data to a corresponding base map along with the absolute geographic fixation of the results. The cartographic image for a geomorphological map of the SW
  • European part of the USSR has been obtained using the automated cartographic system ACS - MGU. - (L'Ed.).
  • Design and installation of a combined automatic tensiometer-piezometer system
  • An automatic data logger system for monitoring tensiometers, piezometers, and auxiliary equipment is described. The results from the installation examples in Malaysia illustrate that significant changes in the soil water conditions on unprotected
  • Automatically derived catchment boundaries and channel networks and their hydrological applications
  • objective ways of comparing the conventionally mapped with the automatically generated drainage network. Emphasis is placed on the way that this approach is capable of benefiting a variety of hydrological applications, in particular the automatic estimation
  • Cartography ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Geographical information system
  • hypercard; systèmes de guidage d'un véhicule; cartographes et micro-ordinateurs.
  • Cartographic design ; Cartography ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Geographical information system ; Mapping technique ; Thematic mapping
  • Hydrology and automatic cartography
  • The advantages of semi-automatic and automatic data collection equipments are detailed. The construction of a new intelligent data collection system is described.
  • The automatic production of space
  • Design and installation of a novel automatic erosion monitoring system
  • Process inference in geomorphology is hindered by a lack of information on the true temporal distribution of contemporary erosional and depositional activity. To tackle this problem a low-cost, automatic monitoring system based on the photo
  • Automatizovana interpretace vodnich ploch z druzicovych udaju v severozapadnich Cechach. (Automatic interpretation of surface water from satellite data in North-West Bohemia)
  • The authors present the method of automatic interpretation of surface water from the data of the multispectral scanner of the satellite LANDSAT-3 on the example of very differentiated landscape of Ore Mountains, Most basin and Ceské stredohori