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  • Algorithm for automatic atmospheric corrections to visible and near-IR satellite imagery
  • Az idegenforgalmi potencial szamitogépes térképi meghatarozasa. (Automatic mapping and assessment of holidaying potentials)
  • Automatic calibration of conceptual rainfall-runoff models: the question of parameter observability and uniqueness
  • Automatic sampling of stream water during storms events in small remote catchments
  • ELECT. An interactive graphical system for the automatic generation of electoral maps
  • Települések kozlekedésfoldrajzi helyzetének meghatarozasa automatikus osztalyozas felhasznalasaval a dél-dunantuli gazdasagi mezokorzet példajan. (Determination of transportation geographical situation of settlements by automatic classification
  • Arctic Ocean;Arctic Region ; Cartographic design ; Coastal environment ; Cold area ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Glacial features ; Landscape ; Landscape dynamics ; Methodology ; Modelling ; Moraine
  • Initial results from the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) on the ablation tongue of Forni Glacier (Upper Valtellina, Italy)
  • On September 26th 2005, Italy's first Automatic Weather Station (AWS) was set up on the melting surface of a glacier (Forni glacier, Upper Valtellina, Stelvio National Park, Lombardy Alps). The AWS is equiped with 12 different sensors to collect
  • There is a growing demand to keep geographic data up-to-date. Traditionally this information is gained by aerial image interpretation. In order to speed up this process, automatic or at least semi-automatic methods should be applied. In the paper
  • An automatic prode procedure for estimating spring small grains acreage from Landsat data
  • Modeling categorical data with chi square automatic interaction detection and correspondence analysis
  • Software and the automatic production of space. Theme issue
  • MEDES 1 automatikus talajerozio-méro berendezés (NSZK) beépitèse Pilismaroton. (Installation of a West-German automatic soil erosion measuring equipment (MEDES 1) at Pilismarot)
  • The measurement of suspended sediment transport in natural streams using automatic radioisotope ganges
  • Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Cultural geography ; Data bases;Data banks ; Digital mapping ; Geographical information system
  • Automatic clod detection and boundary estimation from Digital Elevation Model images using different approaches
  • The aim of this study is to propose and discuss some methods dedicated to the automatic localization of clods (or big aggregates) on Digital Elevation Model images of soil. Two new image processing methods are introduced. The first one deals
  • in an agricultural field. Results show that the proposed methods outperformed previously published methods. The implications are the automatic analysis of DEM images that is a step towards micro-topography statistical characterization.
  • Surface geometry, thickness changes and flow fields on creeping mountain permafrost : automatic extraction by digital image analysis
  • The relative efficiency of automatic and discretionary regional aid
  • An automatic method of data simplification for area mapping (choropleth) in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • Three aspects of Sudan rainfall information availability are discussed in the light of recent developments : historical archived data, automatic, near real-time rainfall monitoring, and both seasonal and decadal rainfall forecasting. The measurement