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  • Automated mapping ; Cartographic information ; Cartographic technique ; Computing
  • The cartographic modelling starts from classic to modern informatic sources. Cartographic informatics brings into cartography new methodic instruments and contribvutes also to the knowledge of the aspects of cartographic products and to the language
  • Compendium of cartographic techniques.
  • Cartographic information ; Cartographic symbol ; Cartographical display ; Cartography
  • the cartographer's intentions, oversights and technique to cleraly interpret the information a map displays. - (DWG)
  • Some problems in cartographical interpretation of geographical space
  • Geographical space is the most frequent case of cartographical interpretation. It is conceived more widely by compilation of synthetical maps. Attention is paid to the problems of both cartographical representation of metrics and spatial
  • Biographie ; Cartographe ; Hongrie ; KOGUTOWICZ (M.)
  • Homage to the Hungarian cartographer Manó Kogutowicz. The author gives a brief summary of Kogutowicz’s life and work. - (AM)
  • Dansk Kortfortegnelse 1992 = The Danish national bibliography. Cartographic materials 1992
  • Dansk Kortfortegnelse 1991 = The Danish national bibliography. Cartographic materials 1991
  • Dansk Kortfortegnelse 1990 = The Danish national bibliography. Cartographic materials 1990
  • Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Cartography;Mapping ; Cognitive process
  • Cartographic aspects of geomorphological maps of polar areas
  • Catalogue of cartographic materials in the British Library : 1975-1988.
  • Raster processing: an alternative approach to automated cartographic data handling
  • The structure of Belgian agricultural production: a cartographic representation
  • A cartographic communication approach to the design of an atlas symbol
  • Maps as sources for toponyms : cartographic bias.
  • Eine Grundstruktur kartographischer Modellbildung. (A fundamental structure of cartographic modelling)
  • The structure of cartographic modelling is presented by subdivision of its methodics into spatial-thematic, mathematic-cartographie and graphic-semiotic modelling. The following concepts are described as features of cartographic models: spatial
  • Cartographic symbol ; Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Language ; Map design
  • The International Cartographic Association, 1972-1976
  • 1972-1976 ; Activité ; Cartographie ; Généralités sur la géographie ; International Cartographic Association ; Publication
  • Problems of cartographic presentation of man-environment interaction
  • Outils conceptuels et statistiques dont dispose le cartographe-géographe pour dresser une carte de l'action de l'homme sur l'environnement.
  • The cartographer's conceptual process and thematic symbolization
  • Etude des processus de conceptualisation du cartographe: identification des objets à communiquer| observation sélective et conceptualisation du monde réel| identification des principaux attributs spatiaux du monde conceptualisé, alors