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  • The authors discuss the theoretical bases and methods of the automatic compilation of slope angles and exposure maps using aerial photoes. The mapping was carried out by the automatic cartographic system AKS-MGU . The basic data are taken from
  • Design and installation of a combined automatic tensiometer-piezometer system
  • An automatic data logger system for monitoring tensiometers, piezometers, and auxiliary equipment is described. The results from the installation examples in Malaysia illustrate that significant changes in the soil water conditions on unprotected
  • Automatically derived catchment boundaries and channel networks and their hydrological applications
  • objective ways of comparing the conventionally mapped with the automatically generated drainage network. Emphasis is placed on the way that this approach is capable of benefiting a variety of hydrological applications, in particular the automatic estimation
  • Automatic calibration of conceptual rainfall-runoff models: the question of parameter observability and uniqueness
  • Automatic sampling of stream water during storms events in small remote catchments
  • The measurement of suspended sediment transport in natural streams using automatic radioisotope ganges
  • MEDES 1 automatikus talajerozio-méro berendezés (NSZK) beépitèse Pilismaroton. (Installation of a West-German automatic soil erosion measuring equipment (MEDES 1) at Pilismarot)
  • of the training areas, founded on level slicing with transformed spectral data. The mapping accuracy can be further improved by combining the automatic classification with a subsequent visual interpretation.
  • and automatically partition the terrain into main slope-units. The resulting information was then analysed by discriminant analysis which enabled landslide hazard and risk to be evaluated in each slope-unit.
  • and in a laboratory flume are discussed and a possible circuit design described which might minimize calibration difficulties by automatically subtracting the noise generated by flow turbulence. (The AA).
  • Presents operational Sea surface temperature (SST) retrivial practised at Centre de Météorologie Spatiale, using AVHRR data from NOAA-7. Automatic Numerical fields, and manual graphic documents are published monthly. The accuray of SST is tested
  • of the topography is shown to be of current concern with a view to the automatic processing of the remote sensing data and development of the computer-based geoinformation systems and geomorphological cadastres.
  • detectable in fluvial erosion and the development of the valleys of the streams are also examined. A total of 382 water samples for analysis were collected in 1984 and 1985, mostly using an automatic sampling device, in order to investigate variations within
  • panchromatic air photos. The information, when applied to automatic land use mapping from treatment of Landsat imagery, give geomorphic significance to the mapped unit. The method was tested in France in the Ambazac highlands in the northwest of the Limousin.