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  • The paper covers the problems of geographical information systems, the perspectives of cartographic application of factor analysis, the COMAPO system and the FOTOMASK procedure and the automatic computing of diagrams and their cartographic
  • The introduced method represents an attempt to dispose obtainable informations from automatically deciphered cosmic MS-data and to convert the results in cartographic performances for the planning bodies, especially for the general built-up planning.
  • Automated geomorphological mapping is based on an automatic transfer of scanner space photoes data to a corresponding base map along with the absolute geographic fixation of the results. The cartographic image for a geomorphological map of the SW
  • European part of the USSR has been obtained using the automated cartographic system ACS - MGU. - (L'Ed.).
  • Automatic digitalization of area-oriented maps
  • General views on automatic mapping of hydrologic elements
  • The advantages of semi-automatic and automatic data collection equipments are detailed. The construction of a new intelligent data collection system is described.
  • Hydrology and automatic cartography
  • Algorithm for automatic atmospheric corrections to visible and near-IR satellite imagery
  • ELECT. An interactive graphical system for the automatic generation of electoral maps
  • An automatic prode procedure for estimating spring small grains acreage from Landsat data
  • An automatic method of data simplification for area mapping (choropleth) in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • Starting a preliminary automatic division (for example into a few dozens of different classes) of one of the two sets in correspondence, one can then analyse tables whose dimensions can reach 10001000.
  • The problem of boundaries in geography is inseparable from regionalization, and it has been assumed that the problem of drawing boundaries is automatically part of the work of regionalization and mapping by means of background shading. Some
  • and is automatically related to the ecological requirements of the crops by way of suitability indicators.
  • Stability and invariance of remote sensing-specific features for classification. Setting-up of catalogues of features for the automatic evaluation of remote sensing data. Processing by computer by means of non-numeric interpretation keys. (HL).
  • . The comparison of field data with digitalised IRC 1/25 000 aerial photographies shows that: the resolution power of these photographies is well adapted for 1/1 000 mapping, and that certain units can be automatically mapped so that this preliminary document makes