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  • Accuracy of automatically extracted geomorphological breaklines from airborne LiDAR curvarure images
  • , slope and sinuosity are computed and compared to reference data. The properties are discussed regarding their explanatory power with respect to accuracy and precision. Automatic extraction results strongly differ from manually digitized breaklines
  • 2012
  • In the Erlenbach stream, sediment transport has been continuously monitored with piezoelectric bedload impact and geophone sensors since 1986. In 2008-2009, the measuring system was enhanced by installing an automatic system to obtain bedload
  • samples. Movable metal baskets are mounted on a rail at the downstream wall of the large check dam above the retention basin, and they can be moved automatically into the flow to take bedload transport samples. This upgraded measuring system permits
  • 2012
  • collected by an Automatic Weather Station (named AWS1 Forni) which has been running at the glacier surface (2669 m, ellipsoidal elevation) since 26 September 2005. The AWS is also equipped with a sonic ranger to measure snow depth and its variability
  • 2012
  • The automatic meteorological station network of Piedmont (North- West Italy), whose realization started in 1988, together with the pre-existing manned stations are now providing snow depth and fresh snow depth measurements in more than 100 sites
  • 2012
  • Field data are presented here on a bifurcation in the Tagliamento River, northeast Italy. The planform configuration of the bifurcation and its temporal evolution was monitored by an automatic digital camera during a series of 7 floods
  • 2012