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  • Initial results from the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) on the ablation tongue of Forni Glacier (Upper Valtellina, Italy)
  • On September 26th 2005, Italy's first Automatic Weather Station (AWS) was set up on the melting surface of a glacier (Forni glacier, Upper Valtellina, Stelvio National Park, Lombardy Alps). The AWS is equiped with 12 different sensors to collect
  • 2007
  • with the calibration of a relationship between the volume and the mobility of these flows. The resulting equation is then embedded into ArcGIS with code written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to allow the automatic production of maps of the maximum extent
  • 2007
  • -splash processes were monitored intensively at this site over 3 months using a circular configuration of mass flux sediment samplers, and meteorological data logged from an on-site automatic weather station. The aims of this research are to investigate
  • 2007
  • In this work, 4 map algebra (MA) algorthms are written in a GIS environment to automatically produce maps depicting the spatial distribution of sediment texture classes based on the most frequently used grain size TDs : the Shepard classification
  • 2007