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  • Quantificational reductionism as a risk in geography and cartography instanced by the 1 : 25 000 geomorphological map of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Allemagne RFA ; Biotope ; Carte au 1 : 25 000 ; Carte géomorphologique ; Cartographie ; Concept ; Ecologie ; Géographie physique ; Méthodologie ; Réduction
  • A reductionistic concept is being pursued in the 1/25 000 geomorphological mapping of the Federal Republic of Germany. This reduction has proved to be too drastic insofar as it gives rise to irretrievable loss of information. The claim that use
  • The probability of proof in geomorphology
  • of the causal mexus upon which this is based. By transposing the basis of induction on to an abstract plane a high degree of proof of typogenetic arguments in geomorphology may be provided. The quantification here does not count the elements of the proof
  • New geomorphological indicators of a former tibetan ice sheet in the central and northeastern part of the high plateau
  • China ; Geomorphology ; Glacial valley ; Glacier ; Grain size distribution ; Ground moraine ; High mountain ; Ice sheet ; Periglacial geomorphology ; Petrography ; Prehistory ; Tibet
  • Zur Geomorphologie von S-Dickson Land (W-Spitzbergen) mit Schwerpunkt auf die quartären Vergletscherungsgeschichte. (Geomorphology of S. Dickson Land (W. Spitsbergen) with main emphasis on the Quaternary glacial history)
  • Geomorphological findings on the built-up of Pleistocene glaciation in southern Tibet and on the problem of inland ice. Results of the Shisha Pangma and Mt. Everest expedition 1984 in Tibet and High-Asia-Results of the Sino-German Point expeditions.
  • Albedo ; China ; Climate ; Climatic cooling ; Climatic geomorphology ; Glaciation ; Moraine ; Tibet
  • The article shows the results of geomorphological and geological field data relating to the maximum glaciation during the last glacial period between c. 60 and 18 ka, when a c. 125,000 square km-large glacier network covered the region. - (IFL)
  • The reconstruction in Tibet of an ice sheet cover of up to 2000 m thick covering an area of 2.4 million km2 was made possible from the Quaternary-geological and glacio-geomorphological indicators found since 1976 during 20 expeditions. During
  • The results presented on the glacial-geomorphological reconstruction of a maximum Ice Age (LGM = Last Glacial Maximum) glaciation in High-Asia concern 5 test-areas in and around Tibet. For the E-Pamir plateau and its mountains a covered ice cap