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  • Carrying capacity and potential crop productivity-basic concepts in cultural geography?
  • A procedure for assessing recreational carrying capacity of coastal resort areas
  • The concept of recreational carrying capacity as used in the assessment procedure is defined and problems associated with its interpretation and practical application in planning and decision-making are discussed.
  • Carrying capacity : a confusing concept
  • Le terme capacité territoriale (carrying capacity) devrait être évité ou utilisé seulement comme un concept vague. En écologie théorique, quand on utilise des modèles, le terme densité d'équilibre, ou valeur asymptotique, est préférable. - (MI)
  • A study of the physical carrying capacities of natural areas for recreation on the catchment of Katarét stream
  • Carrying capacity ; Hungary ; Leisure ; Methodology ; Mountain ; Soil ; Spatial analysis ; Vegetation ; Watershed
  • There is no unified, established method for the study of the physical carrying capacities of natural areas for recreation. The present paper undertakes the task of defining the physical carrying capacity of a mountain range of medium height
  • Súčasný stav výskumu únosnosti územia (Carrying capacity)
  • Applied ecology ; Carrying capacity ; Environment ; Man-environment relations ; Model ; Nature park ; Recreation area ; Research ; Slovak Republic ; Tatra Mountains
  • The research boom of ecological carrying capacity provoked by social demands expecting that by means of carrying capacity research the basic problems of relation man-environment will be solved, has been the main reason of this informative study
  • Carrying capacity ; Environment ; Leisure ; Local government ; Participation ; Tourism
  • If the longer-term sustainability of tourist environments is to be maintained, tourism has to be restructured along ecological lines that take into account recreational carrying capacities, valuing local people, and « doing more with less ». - (DWG)
  • Carrying capacity and lake recreation planning. A case study from North-Central Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Spatial patterns of ecological carrying capacity supply-demand balance in China at county level
  • Applied ecology ; Carrying capacity ; China ; Ecological footprint ; Geographical information system ; Index ; Spatial analysis ; Supply-demand balance
  • Firstly, the ecological supply and demand balance was calculated and evaluated, and secondly, the ecological carrying capacity index (ECCI) was derived for each county of China in 2007, and finally this paper systematically evaluated the ecological
  • carrying capacity supply-demand balance of China. The results showed that ecological deficit appeared to be the main characteristic of ecological carrying capacity supply-demand balance in 2007 of China at county scale. The spatial distribution
  • of the ecological carrying capacity demand-supply was unbalanced ranging from significant overloading to affluence from southeastern to northwestern part of China. It appeared to be more dominant in regions located at coastal areas which had a generally higher
  • Evaluating the socio-cultural carrying capacity of rural tourism communities : a value stretch approach
  • Carrying capacity ; Impact ; Israel ; Kibbutz ; Rural community ; Rural tourism ; Tourism
  • Empirical relations for the sediment transport capacity of interrill flow
  • Experiments were carried out in order to measure the sediment transport capacity of interrill flow with and without rainfall and to relate the transport capacity to selected hydraulic parameters, such as effective stream power and shear velocity
  • . Different sediments were used in order to study the effect of grain size. The proposed relationship show considerable variations with grain size and there is only a minor effect of rainfall on the transport capacity which also seems to be grain size
  • Downstream changes in channel morphology and capacity in the Bellinger valleys, NSW, Australia
  • Australia ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; New South Wales ; River bed
  • Downstream increases in width, depth, cross-section area and channel capacity were related to catchment area, a surrogate for discharge, at two alluvial levels in both Bellinger valleys. These relationships did not continue in tidal reaches where
  • flatter energy gradients and larger floodplain storages prevail, and channel capacities are lower. Irregularities in relations probably reflect spatial variations in adjustments to changing regimes caused by different perimeter conditions.
  • Anthrosols and human carrying capacity in Amazonia
  • Population pressure and human carrying capacity in selected locations of Machakos and Kitni districts
  • The capacity and potentials of Budapest to attract creative economy
  • The paper highlights the capacity and potentials of the Budapest Metropolitan Region based on statistical analyses and results of empirical questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews carried out amongst employees, managers and transnational
  • Das Weidepotential der tockenen Tropen, ermittelt mit Hilfe dynamischer Systemsimulation. (The carrying capacity of grazing in the arid tropics, studied by a dynamic computer model)
  • On the basis of existing verbal formulated theory, a dynamic computer model is developed to find out the maximum carrying capacity with regard to extensive grazing under arid-tropical conditions. By parsimonious construction, relations to few
  • but important parameters are set up. These are the mean annual precipitation which fixes a stochastic rainfall-generator as a driver, and the water storage capacity of the upper soil. Experiments with various stock densities within the range of these parameters
  • Carrying capacity ; Concept ; Terminology
  • To the extent in which demographic change and selected resulting problems are considered in public, the specialist terms of demography are also losing their isolation. One such term is carrying capacity. Problematic are the multiple connotations
  • with which the respective underlying problem is considered, often depending on the respective viewpoint. The contribution understands itself as an attempt to explain carrying capacity from the perspective of regional demography, to establish linkages and also
  • Land reform, range ecology, and carrying capacities in Namaqualand, South Africa
  • Carrying capacity ; Common land ; Environment ; Environmental management ; Farm ; Human ecology ; Land ; Northern Cape ; South Africa
  • Carrying capacity on Tikopia Island
  • Brazil's Amazon settlement schemes. Conflicting objectives and human carrying capacity
  • Carrying capacity ; Environmental management ; Europe ; European Union ; Nature conservation ; Protected area ; Sustainable development ; Tourism ; Tourism policy
  • In EU tourism has not yet been developed in and around protected areas in a sustainable way. One of the keys to develop a sustainable tourism policy is finding the right balance between the number of tourists for the area and its carrying capacity