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  • Dental care
  • Incidence of mouth and teeth diseases| prevention| dental care services (the organisational layout, Training, number of units and health workers, scope of work, children's and preventive dental care)| research and development.
  • How far should we care ? On the spatial cope of beneficence
  • The question of how far we should care for the others raises important issues at the interface of geography and moral philosophy. The paper reviews partiality conventions manifest in favouring nearest and dearest people. The possibility of expanding
  • the scope of care raises questions concerning spatial relationships, human similarity and care as a moral value. Possible reconciliations of impartiality and an ethic of care are outlined, leading to the conclusion that care should be related
  • Women's maternity health care and welfare, 1976-1986
  • Basic rights (to health care and to maternity leave). Public health| the health care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth, public-health service activities in family planning, indicators of women's state of health during
  • maternity. Women's health care organisations.
  • Primary-care decentralization in the Southern Cone : shantytown health care as urban social movement
  • This paper overcomes some shortcomings of Weberian and Marxian analyses of bureaucratic behavior and empowered social groups through the study of shantytown health care as a social movement. It is a comparative review of medical-care policy
  • Impatient health care
  • An integrated approach to measuring potential spatial access to health care services
  • The A. presents an integrated approach to measure potential spatial access to health care services. The final index starts with an initial gravity formulation and progresses through successive stages. It is applied to the ambulatory medical care
  • Rashod vody na transpiraciju Carex physodes M. Bieb. v Vostocnyh Karakumah Perte en eau par transpiration du Carex physodes M. Bieb dans le Karakum Oriental
  • Myth and reality in the availability of free medical care : the case of Poland
  • The institutional organization of the health care system is presented. Then the problem of availability of medical aid is discussed. Finally, an explanation of the existing situation is attempted.
  • The cultural geography of health care delivery
  • Organizes the study of health care systems into 12 themes that relate to different aspects of cultural geography.-(D. W. Gade).
  • Le commerce dans le carré de Liège
  • Témoignages sur Liège. Le Vinâve d'île et son carré
  • A Liège, le carré est au coeur de l'hypercentre du commerce de luxe, au coeur de la vie nocturne, connaît une évolution commerciale très favorable, possède des galeries aux succès mitigés. L'A. pose la question : « Le Carré, quel avenir commercial
  • Placing voluntarism within evolving spaces of care in ageing rural communities
  • New spaces of the geographies of health and health care. Special issue
  • Canada ; Care ; Medical services ; New Zealand ; Ontario ; Population ageing ; Rural area ; Rural community ; Service
  • The specific focus is on the lived experience of voluntary sector care providers from the perspective of non-profit organisations, community groups and families as well as elderly residents of rural communities in Canada and New Zealand. Through
  • resistance voluntary organisations and volunteers are seen to be engaging most intensely with the challenge of ageing in place within evolving spaces of care.
  • Caring for workers' dependents. Gender, class and local state practice in Melbourne
  • Focusing on child-care provision, but with some reference also to services for aged dependents, the paper describes the community-service practice of two Melbourne municipalities and the class and gender biases they incorporate.
  • Particular emphasis is given to the impacts of the health effects of Chernobyl' on health care delivery. The effectiveness with which various institutional actors involved in health care have responded with programs of research, health care delivery
  • Child care demand and labor supply of young mothers over time
  • The paper uses panel data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (United States) to analyze jointly fertility, employment, and child care decisions of young women over time.
  • A location-allocation model for health care services planning
  • A location-allocation model for regional health care services planning is presented which can be used to analyze the problems of the equity-revenue trade-off relation in the spatial provision of health car services in a free-entry and free
  • Health care facilities in Manguzi health ward : a geographical analysis
  • The paper reports on an enquiry into the provision of health care facilities in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal. It concludes that there are more varied types of health facilities available for community members than those conventionally found in urban
  • Community care and disability : the limits to justice
  • societies, the establishment of community care networks for socially dependent persons, is reviewed. The article considers the challenges to community care using recent research which has examined the relationship between deinstitutionalization, urban
  • Health care in the Russian and Canadian North: a comparative perspective
  • Russian and Canadian approaches to health care delivery in the North are compared, with particular emphasis on the current situation in Russia as a consequence of recent political changes and the transition to a market economy. Specific examples
  • are drawn from field research in Iul'tin of Chukotka, as an illustration of issues to northern health care, as they affect aboriginal people.
  • Perspectives on utility-based decision models in primary health care within developing countries in Field applications of operations research in primary health care within developing countries-Part II.
  • Chili, un modèle au carré
  • Le Chili est pour certains un modèle économique, mais il peut aussi être un exemple instructif pour qui s'intéresse à l'aménagement du territoire, un modèle au carré en quelque sorte. C'est précisément en inscrivant dans un carré le modèle graphique