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  • The passenger car industry
  • Career opportunities for Geographers
  • An analysis of American migration careers
  • Many of the previous longitudinal data of migration histories are too fragmented to clarify entire patterns of individual migration careers. Therefore, an analysis of migration histories, using more suitable materials, is necessary
  • . The A. investigates American mobility, through description and classification of migration carrers. Statistical methods for the procedures are proposed. The field survey is conducted in Santa Barbara (California) and Lexington (Kentucky). - (KA)
  • The car indispensable : the hidden influence of the car in inter-war suburban London
  • Car ; Daily life ; England ; Historical geography ; London ; Suburbs ; The 1930's ; United Kingdom ; Urban area
  • Analysis of residential careers of metropolitan suburbanites : a case study of Kozoji new town in the Nagoya metropolitan suburbs
  • The purpose of this paper is to analyse the residential careers of metropolitan suburbanites in detail in the case of Kozoji new town in Japan. - (KA)
  • Restructuring of the Polish passenger car industry through foreign direct investment
  • Car industry ; Direct investment ; Foreign investment ; Globalization ; Industrial restructuring ; Industry ; Poland
  • Location of Japanese-owned car assembly plants in the United Kingdom
  • Assembly line ; Car industry ; External control ; Foreign investment ; Industrial location ; Industry ; Japaneses ; United Kingdom
  • Since mid-1980s, Japanese motor companies have newly set up vehicle assembly plants in EC countries, to meet both the voluntary restraint of car exports from Japan (since 1986) and the establishment of EC single market in 1993. The UK Government
  • Political geographers of the past V : The political career of Sir Halford Mackinder
  • Careers for geographers : what prospects for the 1990s?
  • The geography of industrial rationalisation: the British motor car assembly industry, 1972-1982
  • The influence of fertility, early housing-career, and socioeconomic factors on tenure determination in contemporary Britain
  • The road less travelled, refections on a career in geography
  • The system of secondary career-oriented education (new system in the post-war period), curricula of secondary career-oriented education, teaching and auxiliary staff, expansion of education.
  • Karlheinz Paffen. Weg und Werk. (Karlheinz Paffen. His career and works)
  • Car ownership in West Yorkshire: the influence of public transport accessibility
  • Car ; China ; Competition ; Manufactured products ; Market economy
  • In connection with international car exhibitions in 2007 BMW sued the importer of an SUV made in China that resembled its BMW X5 model. Equally Mercedes-Benz is considering suing a Chinese car manufacturer as his model looked very much like
  • the “Smart”. Such legal battles illustrate that Chinese car manufacturers have closed in on international competitors over the past years. As late as 1978, China produced only 15 000 cars, mostly hand-made. In the meantime Chinese companies have gained
  • Not a house but a home : the Centennial car camp for the homeless
  • Study of a temporary car camp for the homeless in Eugene, Oregon. Author used photographs, cognitive maps and a questionnaire to evaluate if the homeless there experienced a sense of home. Most residents did feel at home, basing their perceptions
  • Car ; Hungary ; Personal transport ; Regional disparities ; Spatial distribution ; Transport ; Transportation geography
  • The previous administrative new-car distribution system, which operated instead of a real car market, had always given preference to Budapest and after to county towns. Even with the economic changes, the structure remains little changed
  • The shattered dream: postwar modernism, urban planning, and the career of Walter Bunning
  • The A. recalls the career of the Sydney-based architect-planner W. Bunning (1912-77). He provides an overview oh his particular brand of modernist thought, his central planning ideas, and his physical planning work, with special reference
  • Excluded spaces of regulation : car-boot sales as an enterprise culture out of control ?
  • The AA. proceed by charting the growth of the car-boot-sale phenomenon in Britain. These sales are represented as an enterprise culture out of control and highly successfull. It is linked to political debate over deregulation and contracting out