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  • . In particular the convergence of capital and real estate markets, the deregulation of national financial systems, new investment strategies and vehicles have led to rising cross-border investments. Once dominated by local competitors, markets throughout
  • The paper discusses the development, the dynamics and problems of South Africa becoming a so-called developing economy. After apartheid, South African capital could expand into all parts of Africa and worldwide. Economic growth inside South Africa
  • Since the 1990ies, Vietnam´s capital Hanoi has entered a new stage of urban development caused by an increasing reassertion of state control over urban spaces. Thoroughly planned new housing projects are also leading to highly selective
  • productions has become easier today, the road towards efficient innovation systems however is still long. The essay demonstrates that some emerging economies, close up to innovative countries because of their accumulation of capital, their investments
  • . The future development may be hampered by the lack of qualified human capital. - (IfL)