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  • Nedknusing av bergartsfragmenter og mineralkorn ved bretransport Crushing of rock fragments and mineral grains by glacial transport
  • The crushing of mineral material and the formation of resistant mineral modes during the glacial transport are mainly dependant on the primary properties of the mineral material, inherited from the parent rock. This is illustrated
  • The thermal semi-conductor effect of crushed rocks
  • apartheid (J. Crush, B. Dodson). 3. L'empreinte géographique de la restitution foncière, l'exemple de la province du Limpopo, Afrique du Sud (M. Ramutsindela). 4. Entre le non-racisme et le multiculturalisme : identité indienne et construction nationale en
  • CRUSH, J.
  • intermountain plain. Morphology of the tectonic relief suggests that lithospheric blocks within the mountain belt underwent strong horizontal crushing and longitudinal flow. Arch-block orogenesis (of Gobian type) prevails, mountains growing at the expense
  • The crushing test on soil aggregates of irregular shape is calibrated against the Brazilian test for cylinders. Factors affecting the strength of soil aggregates are reviewed. These include water content, wetting and drying cycles, and age hardening
  • Field enquiries and measurements of soil resistance to crushing in different parts of Belgium have shown that : (a) hydromorphic and slightly stony silty soils are most sensitive to damages due to skidding machines, (b) this sensitivity is mainly
  • Between 1999 and 2004, nylon mesh bags containing 6.2 mm diameter fragments of crushed dolomite or granite were exposed to weathering on the surfaces of birch, Dryas heath, heath, meadow, solifluction meadow, and willow vegetation communities