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  • Famine coping strategies in Central Mali
  • The paper focuses on five villages in the Mourdiah Nara area of north-central Mali. The A. explores the strategies to cope with the dry season and proposes those strategies which may be most suitable for development into assistance programmes
  • Coping with uncertainty in planning in Perspectives on Canadian planning.
  • Coping with hunger : hazard and experiment in an African rice-farming system.
  • Landslides in Northern and Central Malawi: Awareness, perceptions and coping strategies
  • , their perceptions and traditional beliefs regarding causes, and their coping strategies. - (AJC)
  • Two surveys for taking measures to cope with the coming earthquake to the Tokyo metropolis
  • Because Tokyo has a greater probability now than ever of being hit by another major earthquake, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has carried out two surveys for taking measures to cope with it; earthquake vulnerability assessment and earthquake
  • Housing benefit and tenant coping strategies in the private rental housing market
  • in social analysis, they consider whether the claimants pursued strategies in coping with the shortfalls in their eligible rent for housing benefit.
  • Rural livelihoods at risk : how Nepalese farmers cope with food insecurity
  • food deficient villages in Nepal during most of the 1990s. Authors searched for specific coping strategies, which included inter-village trading, alcohol production and selling, wage employment, etc. Authors recommend policy to reduce the still evident
  • Community-based strategies for coping with food scarcity : a role in African famine early-warning systems
  • The data currently used to assess the emergence of local deficits are criticized as being inaccurate or belated. The range of strategies for coping with food deficits used by farmers and herders in rural Africa offers an alternative set
  • Coping strategies in case of hunger of the most vulnerable groups among the Massa and Mussey in Northern Cameroon
  • Russia coping with cotton crisis
  • Local strategies for coping with hunger : Central Sierra Leone and Northern Nigeria compared
  • Coping strategies in rural areas of the Buzau Sub-Carpathians
  • Part of the action, or going native ? Learning to cope with the politics of integration
  • Political geography : coping with global restructuring
  • British land-use planning : a failure to cope with change ?
  • How far should we care ? On the spatial cope of beneficence
  • Strategy and structure: corporate restructuring and the cope and characteristics of sunk costs
  • Basic human needs versus economic growth approach for coping with urban-rural imbalances: an evaluation based on relative welfare
  • The impacts of conflict on household coping strategies : evidence from Turkana and Kitui districts in Kenya