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  • Contemporary land use changes in prealpine Mediterranean mountains : a multivariate GIS-based approach applied to two municipalities in the Southern French Prealps
  • Geomorphic responses to land use changes
  • This paper examines recent land use changes in the Mediterranean mountain setting of the Diois region of the Southern French Prealps, which has undergone considerable change related to evolution of the agro-sylvo-pastoral system and the decline
  • Channel response to increased and decreased bedload supply from land use change : contrasts between two catchments
  • The catchments of Pine Creek, Idaho, USA, and the Drôme River in the Drôme Department, France, illustrate contrasting changes in land use, bedload sediment production, and channel response. After a brief presentation of the study areas
  • Contemporary channel changes in the Eygues basin, southern French Prealps : the relationship of subbasin variability to watershed characteristics
  • supply from hillslopes. In response to this evolution, several channel changes are observed in mountain streams. The most active tributaries of the Eygues River are characterized mainly by high drainage density and poor vegetation cover linked
  • Geomorphic responses to land use changes. Special issue
  • on the channel narrowing process. Based on the chronological and spatial patterns of channel and environmental changes in multiple basins in the region, the relative influence of natural and human factors on narrowing is assessed.