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  • A 2000- year context for modern climate change
  • Climate change and variability. Special issue
  • Actuel ; Changement climatique ; Changement global ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Convergence intertropicale ; Effet de serre ; Hydrologie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Radiation ; Variabilité climatique
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic change ; Climatic variability ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; Hydrology ; Intertropical convergence ; Palaeoclimatology ; Present time ; Radiation
  • The AA. concentrate on hydrologic and atmospheric circulation changes occurring over the last 2000 years. Here, 8 latitudinally well distributed (pole-equator-pole), highly resolved (annual to decadal) climate poxy records are presented
  • that demonstrate major changes in these variables over the last 2000 years. A comparison between atmospheric C 14 and these changes in climate demonstrates a first-order relationship between a variable Sun and climate. The relationship is seen on a global scale.
  • New high-resolution alkenone record of Last Glacial to Holocene sea-surface temperature change in the east-equatorial South Atlantic Ocean
  • Climate change and variability. Special issue
  • Climate change and variability. Special issue