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  • Sociocultural change in Upper Urubamba, Peru in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • Agriculture ; Changement social ; Chasse ; Cueillette ; Cuzco ; Ecologie humaine ; Economie de subsistance ; Ethnie ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Machiguenga, ethnie ; Mutation rurale ; Pérou ; Pêche ; Religion ; Société rurale ; Système économique
  • Monographie sur l'ethnie Machiguenga, vallée supérieure de l'Urubamba, Cuzco. Economie de subsistance, écologie humaine et changements socio-culturels. (Vnm).
  • Recent U.S. population redistribution: a geographical framework for change in the 1980s in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • The changing character of metropolitan Chicago in Special issue on the Midwest.
  • Changement social ; Chicago ; Economie urbaine ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Illinois ; Mobilité résidentielle ; Restructuration économique ; Structure urbaine ; Ville
  • Skillful synthesis of economic, social, and settlement changes in the Chicago area. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Spatial change and the urban Landscape
  • Banlieue ; Changement ; Detroit ; Etats-Unis ; Fonction urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Macomb county ; Michigan ; Paysage urbain ; Structure fonctionnelle ; Urbanisation ; Ville
  • Identification de plusieurs forces conduisant au changement spatial, y compris le paysage urbain. Le changement s'effectue par vagues (de même que la diffusion). Proposition d'un cadre conceptuel reliant les processus de changement spatial aux
  • Institutional forces and retail change : a case study of metropolitan Toronto
  • Predicting population change in northern Georgia
  • Change in the corn belt
  • The changing geography of voting in the United States: 1946-1980
  • Changes in Florida tourism: 1970-1980
  • Social and economic change in modern Peru
  • The changing organization, structure, and control of Canadian agriculture
  • Peasants and bureaucracy in Chilean agrarian reform in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • Changing views on historical conservation in cities
  • Regional changes in Canadian agriculture
  • Social change in an urban-rural fringe : Marques, Brazil in Festschrift to honor Raymond E. Crist.
  • Brésil ; Changement social ; Frange urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Migration alternante ; Piracicaba ; Péri-urbanisation ; Sao Paulo région
  • Description of changes in a small community in Sao Paulo State whose inhabitants now derive their livelihood in the city of Piracicaba rather than from agriculture. - (DWG)
  • Has urban livability changed dramatically? a comparison of the Places Rated almanacs
  • Les villes américaines par rang selon la qualité de la vie. Les changements intervenus entre 1981 et 1985 selon le Places rated almanac. Changements introduits dans les indices retenus.
  • Recent changes in the rural communities of the United States
  • Analysis of changes between 1960 and 1970 for all 3.000counties of the USA. Interpretation of the results leans to the proposition that both rural and urban communities share the same system of values and desires. Differences in opportunities
  • to realise these desires through incomes and careers in farming accounts for much migration and changes.
  • Changing flood plain livelihood patterns in the Peruvian Amazon
  • An attempt is made to relate the subsistence activites among the inhabitants of a community located on the flood plain of the Amazon in northeast Peru. Emphasises placed in explaining (a) the traditional livelihood patterns (b) the changes occurring
  • in the traditional forms of subsistence and (c) the outcomes of such changes. - (SGA)
  • Labor mobility and structural change in Pittsburgh in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Changements dans la structure de l'emploi entre 1953 et 1985 et surtout entre 1977 et 1982, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Environment and change in the Ridge and Valley region of Pennsylvania
  • Interplay of environment, resources and outside economic forces in changing the human geography of a well-defined physiographic region. - (DWG)