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  • Polarities of structure and change in urban systems : a Canadian example
  • Canada ; Changement urbain ; Croissance urbaine ; Fonction urbaine ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Métropole ; Système urbain
  • Canada ; Large city ; Urban change ; Urban function ; Urban growth ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban system
  • The paper examines some of the contradictory assertions in the research literature regarding the on-going reorganization of urban systems through a detailed empirical analysis of the changing properties of the Canadian urban system. The analysis
  • begins with a conceptual framework that recognizes alternative logics and trajectories of change in urban systems. The paper demonstrates the diversity and rapidity of change, and the indeterminant and contradictory nature of many of the relationships
  • underlying that change.
  • 1997
  • Centralité ; Changement urbain ; Croissance urbaine ; Dynamique de système ; Europe ; Europe du Nord ; Fonction urbaine ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Service ; Système urbain ; Typologie
  • Centrality ; Europe ; Northern Europe ; Service ; System dynamics ; Typology ; Urban change ; Urban function ; Urban growth ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban system
  • 1997
  • as a background to evaluate the 1995 plans for Sustainable Suburbs in the City of Calgary. It is shown that Calgary's proposals may have many merits but they will radically change the current low density development or provide much sustainability.
  • 1997
  • The objective of the paper is to examine the main changes in the metropolitan labor markets associated withe economic restructuring in Mexico during the late 1980s and beginning of the 1990s. The analysis refers to the four largest metropoles
  • 1997