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  • A morphometric comparison of valleys has been made for the Ben Ohau Range in the central Southern Alps of New Zealand. The range is undergoing rapid tectonic transport and uplift. First, the sequence of topographic transitions caused by a change
  • in dominant process regime, from fluvial to glacial erosion, is described. Then, the time-scale of change is evaluated. Finally, observations are related to the hypothesized relief development implicit in existing tectonic-isostatic models of alpine uplift.
  • 1997
  • . These variables require the total sediment flux to be integrated over the whole range of the catchment, particularly when evaluating the effects of climate change. Contrasting trends in sediment discharge reflect both the nature of climate and vegetation change
  • 1997
  • ; and the implications for the assumed dependence, independence and irrelevance of morphological variables with changes in spatial and temporal scale.
  • 1997