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  • Les changements globaux du milieu naturel
  • Changement global ; Effet de serre ; Environnement ; Variation climatique
  • Climatic variation ; Environment ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect
  • The A. in this lecture summarises the stay of knowledge on causes and results of global environmental changes with special attention payed to the greenhouse effect. - (DG)
  • The importance of parallel studies on past and present-day environmental change
  • Actuel ; Changement environnemental ; Changement global ; Chronostratigraphie ; Environnement ; Paléo-environnement ; Quaternaire ; Sédimentologie ; Technique de recherche ; Tendance du climat ; Variation spatiale
  • Chronostratigraphy ; Climatic trend ; Environment ; Global change ; Palaeo-environment ; Present time ; Quaternary ; Research technique ; Sedimentology ; Spatial variation
  • The parallel study of past and present-day environmental changes helps in the better understanding of the relations between processes, their effects, and the long-term trends to them as well as in the recognition of the relations between various
  • Biogéochimie ; Biomasse ; Changement global ; Cycle de l'eau ; Cycle du carbone ; Géochimie ; Holocène ; Pléistocène
  • Biogeochemistry ; Biomass ; Carbon cycle ; Geochemistry ; Global change ; Holocene ; Pleistocene ; Water cycle
  • In short review paper, the A. discusses the role of studies on changes in the continental water cycle for a better understanding of temporal change in biomass production and carbon storage. All calculations made for the late Pleistocene and Holocene
  • A variety of factors include climatically induced changes of the river runoff and sediment load, glacial advances and rapid variations of the base level, as well as the influence of the tectonic factor. The first-order climatic cycles are reflected
  • in separate terrace fills. The second-order fluctuations may be represented by separate cuts and fills, by the change of the facies or in the granulometric composition. The analysis of the changes in the longitudinal profile helped to discover different valley
  • Action anthropique ; Changement global ; Ecosystème ; Effet de serre ; Environnement ; Géographie ; Géosystème ; Pologne ; Télédétection
  • Ecosystem ; Environment ; Geography ; Geosystem ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; Human impact ; Poland ; Remote sensing
  • Reflection of the paleogeographic changes in the history of the Vistula river valley
  • Reconstruction of hydrological changes between 7000 and 3000 BP in the upper and middle Vistula River Basin, Poland
  • , phases of forest-ecosystem transformation and, finally, the reaction of human cultures to these changes. Their rhytmicity correlates well with records from the Alps and the Alpine foreland but poorly with those from Scandinavia. - (DG)
  • assymetry in various climatic zones are discussed. Reconstruction of changes of vertical zones in European mountains during the Pleistocene and early Holocene is proposed. - (DG)
  • relief ; 3/ Reconstruction of landscape of past periods ; 4/ How matter in the geosystems being changed by the human intervention. - (DG)
  • is payed to environment changes during last century including the air, water and soil pollution. - (DG)
  • On a présenté l'état des recherches en différents secteurs de la vallée de la Vistule. Cette présentation était illustrée par des profils synthétiques. Il faut considérer comme particulièrement importante l'indication du rôle des changements
  • climatiques, de l'ingérence de l'homme, de la récession du glacier continental et des fluctuations du niveau d'eau de la Baltique dans la formation de ces secteurs de la vallée. La vallée de la Vistule accuse des changements du régime hydrologique au
  • Climatic, vegetation vertical zones controlled mainly by changes in the temperature, shifting in the Quaternary, decide on the rate and direction of slope evolution. In the Eurasian Mountains beside vertical displacement of geomorphic processes
  • of valleys during advances of ice sheets. Detail investigations iniciated in the 1970s provided a background for stratigraphic and paleogeographic reconstructions. The climatic changes are registered in erosional-depositional sequencies especially
  • Besides the measuring records, chronicles and old maps, the flood records are reflected in the slope and fluvial deposits and forms. We may distinguish several phases of increased fluvial activity connected with climatic variations and changes