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  • A simulation model of morphological, vegetation and sediment changes in ephemeral streams
  • A model to simulate channel changes in ephemeral river channels and to test the effects of hydrological changes due to climate change and/or land use change was developed under the auspices of the EU funded MEDALUS programme (Mediterranean
  • Desertification and Land Use). The model, CHANGISM (Channel Change GIS Simulation Model), is designed to simulate the effect of channel flow events and of climate conditions on morphology, sediment and vegetation, through sequences of events and conditions, over
  • Decades of change : contributions of geomorphology to fluvial and coastal engineering and management
  • Changing the face of the earth-engineering geomorphology
  • A flood event occurred on 30 September 1997, in 3 catchments, Torrealvilla, Salada and Nolgate, which were being monitored for morphological change. Detailed topographic surveys were made before and after the flood and from these DEMs of difference
  • . The pattern and amounts of change show a scale effect of peak discharge. Behaviour of channels is closely related to local sediment supply.