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  • Paleosols, bones, phytoliths, and δ13C signatures of humus and teeth in the alluvial sequence of Axamilpa, Puebla : Inferences for landscape evolution and megafauna paleoecology during MIS 3–2 in Southern Mexico
  • (stable carbon isotopes and phytoliths) and mammalian fossil remains incorporated in an alluvial paleosol-sedimentary sequence. The AA. interpret the Late Pleistocene landscape of this area as a heterogeneous forest–grassland landscape with the forest
  • To obtain a high climatostratigraphic resolution in the Western Mediterranean, the AA. investigated geoarchives with paleosols and sediment layers in cliff profiles of 2 alluvial fans on Mallorca, their pedostratigraphy covered the Late Pliocene
  • in the Sayan-Tuva Upland. Paleo-archives covering about 13 000 yrs were studied : paleosol-sedimentary sequences on a delta-alluvial fan of a small river, lacustrine sediments in bottom cores and on palsa-islands and soils of palsa-islands. Continental