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  • Discrimination of alluvial and mixed bedrock–alluvial multichannel river networks
  • This paper explores the use of planview morphological metrics to quantitatively describe and distinguish mixed bedrock–alluvial multichannel networks from alluvial multichannel networks. The geometries of the channel planforms of 2 bedrock
  • -constrained networks (Mekong and Orange rivers) are compared with the classic alluvial anastomosed Upper Columbia River and the wandering Ganga River. Widely recognized indices utilized include : channel link count and channel sinuosity, and less common
  • convexity clearly discriminates the 2 alluvial rivers from the 2 bedrock-influenced rivers. The width of the macrochannel, in which each network develops, has a positive influence on the number of channel links and is further related to channel slope
  • 2013