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  • A stability criterion inherent in laws governing alluvial channel flow
  • The stability criterion of maximum flow efficiency (MFE) has previously been found inherent in typical alluvial channel flow relationships, and this study investigates the general nature of this criterion using a wider range of flow resistance
  • and bedload transport formulae. This study provides support for the use of the criteria of MFE, maximum sediment transporting capacity and minimum stream power for understanding the operation of alluvial rivers, and also addresses limitations to the direct
  • This study finds that by introducing a channel form factor (width/depth ratio), the self-adjusting mechanism of alluvial channels can be illustrated directly with the basic flow relations of continuity, resistance and sediment transport
  • . The theoretical results obtained here demonstrate that maximum flow efficiency (MFE) determines stable alluvial channel geometry and that this is a product of both maximum sediment transporting capacity (MSTC) and minimum stream power (MSP). Furthermore
  • Anabranching rivers : ridge-form alluvial channels in tropical northern Australia
  • The Bellinger River catchment in the New England Fold Belt on the mid-north coast of New South Wales is characterized by an assemblage of stepped late Quaternary alluvial units. The AA. examine the stratigraphy and chronology of these alluvial units