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  • Quaternary evolution of Cedar Creek alluvial fan, Montana
  • Alluvial cone ; Chronosequence ; Fluvial processes ; Fluvioglacial features ; Glacial features ; Montana ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; Soil properties ; United States
  • Chronoséquence ; Cône de déjection ; Etats-Unis ; Fluviatile ; Fluvioglaciaire ; Glaciaire ; Montana ; Propriétés du sol ; Quaternaire ; Sédimentologie
  • The purposes of this paper are to 1) describe the Quaternary geology of Cedar Creek alluvial fan and its drainage basin, 2) determine the depositional and erosional history of the fan and its influence on fan morphology, and 3) develop a conceptual
  • model for episodic deposition and erosion on Cedar Creek alluvial fan.
  • Alluvial cone ; Arid area ; Dating ; Fault ; Fault scarp ; Israel ; Negev ; Pedogenesis ; Quaternary ; Reg ; Relative dating ; Soil ; Soil catena ; Soil properties
  • Chaîne de sols ; Cône de déjection ; Datation ; Datation relative ; Domaine aride ; Escarpement de faille ; Faille ; Israël ; Negev ; Propriétés du sol ; Pédogenèse ; Quaternaire ; Reg ; Sol
  • On the alluvial fan of Nahal Shehoret in the extremely arid region of the Negev desert, Reg soils developed on stable alluvial surfaces in colluvium along terrace risers and in colluvial units on a complex fault scarp were compared. IRSL dates
  • of the tectonically displaced alluvial surfaces and colluvial units at the same site enabled the AA. to re-evaluate the use of Reg soils for relative dating. The similarity of age estimates from IRSL dating and the degree of soil development in this environment
  • This paper describes valley geology, the alluvial stratigraphy, the channel forms and the operating processes. It is based on fieldwork carried out along a 120 km alluvial reach of the middle Narmada, but the entire river has also been studied