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  • Texts, actors and higher managers: judges, bureaucrats and the political organization of space
  • Bureaucrats, clients, and geography. The Bailly nuclear power plant battle in Northern Indiana.
  • A comparative study of bureaucratic corruption in Latin America and the USA
  • The spatial consequences of bureaucratic decisionmaking
  • Kollmorgen as a bureaucrat
  • Between the rocks and hard places : bureaucrats, the law and pollution control
  • Candid assessment of the bureaucratic culture of Latin American planning agencies and what effects the PC revolution will have on them.―(DWG)
  • At street level : bureaucratic practice in the management of urban neighborhood change
  • Detrimental determinists: applied environmentalism as bureaucratic self-interest in the Fin-de-Siècle British Caribbean
  • Between Basti dwellers and bureaucrats: lessons in squatter settlement upgrading in Karachi.
  • Development undertaken by the common people of an area, rather than initiated by international agencies or national governments, has come to the fore because of the failure of bureaucratic, overcentralized approaches. This paper surveys this growing
  • These changes are described in the context of the response offered by the highly centralized and bureaucratized planning establishment. The system of managerial and manipulated development of the landscape is discussed, these processes giving rise
  • Land reform remains high on South Africa’s list of national priorities, but the results since 1994 have been meagre. One key issue that often stymies well-meaning reform minded institutions, bureaucrats, activists and land owners is a lack
  • Although the public sector accepts responsibility for satisfying low-income housing needs by supplying serviced plots, this bureaucratic supply is quantatively inadequate and not affordable for many. The analysis reveals penetration of market forces
  • This paper overcomes some shortcomings of Weberian and Marxian analyses of bureaucratic behavior and empowered social groups through the study of shantytown health care as a social movement. It is a comparative review of medical-care policy
  • Bees, beekeepers, and bureaucrats : parasitism and the politics of transgenic life
  • The article investigates the ways in which cultural economy is formed through negotiation and interaction between local actors in the case of culture-led regeneration in Gwangju, South Korea. It looks at the dynamics between the bureaucrat's pursuit
  • The aim to foster an administratively competent Egyptian state able to respond to informal urbanization has been almost entirely unsuccessful. The projects became enmeshed in bureaucratic struggles over control of valuable state desert land
  • which “the people” was constructed. In acting as/for “the people”, green ban activists produced a political subject able to challenge the claims of elected politicians, bureaucrats and developers to represent the interests of the city. It concludes
  • of many examples of the difficulties that progressives forces face in safeguarding Thailand’s rich and diverse cultural heritage against the unsympathetic bureaucratic bodies, ambitious interests, and well-meaning but ill-advised agents of “development