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  • The recreational facilities of an agglomeration: the example of the Plovdiv agglomeration in Bulgaria
  • Geographical conditions for spontaneous activities of some Mediterranean cyclones in Bulgaria
  • The question of the interaction between the Mediterranean cyclones and the anticyclones positioned to the north of Bulgaria has been investigated. In these cases spontaneous activities of the weather have occurred : heavy snowfall, stormy winds
  • Problemi na ikonomgeografskoto raionirane v Bâlgariia. (Problems of economic-geographical regionalization of Bulgaria)
  • The regionalization is related to both theory and application of the economic geography. The theoretical grounds of the integral regionalization have been considerably improved and several schemes of Bulgaria have been elaborated. Along
  • with this goal-orientated regionalizations are also necessary for the working out and fulfilment of the territorial complex programs, for the sectoral schemes of management, regional prognostication, etc. The general lines of future regionalization of Bulgaria
  • Long years variations in the month precipitations in the non-mountainous parts of Bulgaria
  • Stepen na porojnost na rekite v B''lgarija Storm runoff intensity of the rivers in Bulgaria
  • Rural education in Bulgaria : contemporary development and policies in The peasantry of Eastern Europe. Volume II. 20 th Century developments.
  • Vegetational development in the montainous areas of southwestern Bulgaria. 1. Palynological investigations and reconstruction of past vegetation
  • A methodological approach to evaluating horizontal and vertical integration in agriculture in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union with an application to Bulgaria
  • Tendencii v razvitieto na ezednevnite trudovi migracii v NR Bulgaria Tendencies in the development of the everyday labour migrations in the PR of Bulgaria
  • An analysis of the commuting to work in Bulgaria on the basis of data for 1975 and 1982 year. (the national figures being respectively 623 and 550 thousand commuters). Out of 1 000 employed, 134 travel dayly to work in another settlement. The number
  • Opit za ikonomgeografsko raionirane na Bâlgarija An attempt at economic-geographical regionalization of Bulgaria
  • The A. accepts 7 economic regions in Bulgaria : Sofia-Pernik, West Upper-Thracia, East Upper-Thracia, South East, Danube lowland and Jantra. Three others are in process of formation : Strouma-Maesta, Vit-Osâm and North West. The core of the regions
  • Perspektivi i problemi na mezdunarodniia turizam v NRB Prospects and problems of the international tourism in Bulgaria
  • Based on number of foreign tourists, nights spent and average length of stay, analysis of the tourist flow to Bulgaria for the period 1971-86 was done and main tendencies singled out. The forecast of the foreign tourists reaches 2010 year. The most
  • Savremenni izmenenija v raspredelenieto na naselenieto v Balgarija Contemporary changes in the distribution of the population of Bulgaria
  • Changes of the distribution of the population of Bulgaria for the period 1975-85 have been studied. Special attention is paid to growth and decrease rates by different categories of towns and villages and related problems. Some big towns (Sofia
  • Geografiia na energetikata v Bâlgariia.. (Geography of energy production in Bulgaria)
  • Overall analysis and systematization of the Bulgarian energy production from geographical point of view. It is characterized against the background of the respective general trends in the world. The limited energy resources of Bulgaria are looked
  • Vzaimodeistvie mejdu procesite na industrializaciiata i urbanizaziia v Narodna Republika Bâlgariia. (Interrelations between the processes of urbanisation and industrialisation in Bulgaria)
  • Spatial development in Bulgaria can be described as interaction between industrial and urban growth. Hence the effective spatial structure of the productive forces is dependent on the optimal integration of these factors. To measure the level
  • Problemi na zblijavane ravnishtata v ikonomiceskoto i socialnoto rasvitie na teritorialnite edinici v NRB. (Problems of bringing together the levels in economic and social development of the territorial units in Bulgaria)
  • Discusses covering the gap of economic and social development between territorial units in Bulgaria. The level of spatial economic growth are measured by the national income, industrial and agricultural output per capita as well as social
  • Izmeneniia v estestveniia pripast na selskoto naselenie v NR Bâlgariia. (Changes in the natural growth of the rural population in Bulgaria)
  • Survey of the differences and dynamics of the rural and urban population in Bulgaria since 1910 when the natural growth had reached its climax (21,5 %). Different stages of decreasing afterwords followed. The decrease will extend in the next several
  • Geografiia na Balgarija. T. 3. Fiziko-geografsko i socialno ikonomicesko raionirane. Geography of Bulgaria. Vol. 3. Physical and socio-economic regionalisation
  • Last (Third) volume of the monograph Geography of Bulgaria which contains two parts : physical and socio-economical regionalisation of the country. The first part (40 % of the whole text) begins with theoretical setting and review of the previous
  • Bulgaria) follows extensive characteristics of each region. - (MB)
  • Glavni izmeneniia v geografiiata na zârnoproizvodstvoto v Bâlgariia za 40 godini sozialisticesko stroitelstvo. (Main changes in the geography of grain production of Bulgaria during the 40-years of socialist construction)
  • On data ranging from 1934 to 1983 the trends relevant to world and Bulgarian grain production are characterized. In Bulgaria the average increase in grain production is higher than in Europe, though the surface under grain crops diminished, by 26
  • %. The reduction has affected the areas with lowest yields and highest prime cost per ton. According to 1981-1983 level of yields and per capita production, Bulgaria ranks respectively 10 and 3 among European countries. (MB).
  • Predpostavki za v''znikvane na bioklimaticni stresovi s''stojanija pri planinski uslovija v B''lgarija Bioclimatic reactions and their prerequisites in the mountains of Bulgaria
  • Klimatat na planinskite rajoni v Balgarija. Struktura i genezis The climate of Bulgarias mountainous zones. Its structure and genesis