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  • A rare landform : Yerköprü travertine bridges in the Taurids Karst Range, Turkey
  • Two examples of travertine bridges are observed at 8 to 15 m above stream level in the Lower Zamanti Basin, Eastern Taurids. Yerköprü-1 and Yerkoprü-2 bridges are currently being deposited from cool karstic groundwaters. The interplay
  • of hydrogeological structure, local topography, calcite-saturated hanging springs, algal activity and rapid downcutting in the streambed appear to have led to the formation of travertine bridges. Aeration through cascades and algal uptake causes efficient carbon
  • Location analysis of bridges and its application in urban traffic planning in China.
  • Cities are often divided by barriers such as rivers or railway lines. Bridges provide the vital link that restores the unity of these cities, but their location and number bear great significance on the efficiency of the total road network. Based
  • on examples from several cities an allocation model is derived for the location of bridges that takes into account the factor of through traffic capacity as well. (TNC).
  • Project Marco Polo : bridging the gap between natural and social sciences
  • Summary and conclusions in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • Bridging the gap between North and South. Towards a common approach to intra-regional planning
  • Micro-pingos on a bridge in Amsterdam
  • Infrastructure construction in the Longhai-Lanxin economic belt of China along new Asian-European continental bridge
  • The newly opened Asian European continental land bridge will provide a great opportunity for all the regions along its sides to speed up their economic growth. The paper focuses on evaluating the changing pattern of economic growth in the regions
  • The soil erosion bridge: a device for micro-profiling soil surfaces
  • The soil erosion bridge is a simple, robust, cheap, lightweight device comprising a bar which, when mounted on two stakes, provides a stable datum for micro-profiling the soil surface beneath. Its main advantage over similar devices is the unique
  • Geomorphological processes associated with an ice-marginal lake at Bridge Glacier, British Columbia
  • Etude des processus géomorphologiques associés à la formation d'un lac proglaciaire à proximité du glacier Bridge, Colombie-Britannique. Reconstitution des lignes de rivage et des crues pendant le Petit Age Glaciaire.
  • Bridging East and West : Muslim-identified activists and organisations in the UK anti-war movements
  • Through interviews with Muslim-identified and other British anti-war activists, the paper traces the making of a new bridge between the East and the West. It then goes on to examine the limitations of this political model and describe the search
  • From knowledge to action : bridging gaps in disaster risk reduction
  • of stakeholders. The challenges in addressing the need for an integrated process are outlined alongside a potential road map for bridging gaps in DRR.
  • The Negev continental bridge: a chain in an intermodal transport system
  • (1978-1980) ; Commerce international ; Conteneur ; Géographie humaine ; Israël ; Negev ; Negev Land Bridge ; Trafic ; Transport ; Transport maritime ; Transport routier
  • Containerization and the Trans-Siberian land bridge
  • The use of high-capacity commercial containers has increased rapidly in trade between far eastern countries, principally Japan, and western Europe across the trans-Siberian land bridge during the past decade. Use of the route has been part
  • Landslide soils and geomorphology in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Northwest Wyoming
  • In this study, soil and geomorphic properties related to landslide occurence were studied at 18 landslides in the Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF). Landslides were categorized as active or inactive based on geomorphic features. Landslide soil
  • [b2] USDA Forest Service, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson, Etats-Unis
  • Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • (La Jolla, 1981) ; Archéologie sous-marine ; Congrès ; Dynamique littorale ; Eustatisme ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Géomorphologie ; Histoire du peuplement ; Land bridge ; Littoral ; Niveau marin ; Paléogéographie ; Peuplement ; Plate-forme
  • sites now submerged on nearshore shelves. The land bridges as migration corridors of the late Quaternary are discussed in Sections 3 (the passage from Siberia to North America: 8 papers) and 4 (Australia and the Old World: 3 papers). Each paper has been
  • The stages and routes of human occupation of the Beringian land bridge based on archaeological data in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • Sediment investigations connected with the building of the Øresund Bridge and Tunnel
  • Biogenic process ; Bridge ; Coastal environment ; Denmark ; Europe ; Human impact ; Impact ; Model ; Seasonal variability ; Sediment transport ; Sedimentology ; Strait ; Suspended load ; Sweden ; Tunnel ; Turbidity
  • The A. presents the results of various sedimentological investigations carried out before, during and after the construction of the bridge and tunnel between Sweden and Denmark 1995-2000. The mean reason for the large focus on the sediment spill
  • Commentary : will Carl Sauer make it across that great bridge to the next millenium ?
  • Early man in the New World in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • Submerged prehistoric sites off the Mediterranean coast of Israel in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.