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  • Interdependent development? Problems of aggregation and Implementation in the Brandt Report in Aid, research and development.
  • Avantage mutuel ; Brandt Report ; Commerce international ; Critique ; Dialogue Nord-Sud ; Désarmement ; Développement ; Géographie humaine ; Interdépendance ; Ordre économique mondial ; Relations internationales ; Sous-développement ; Tiers-Monde
  • The Arab house. A report. (Report of a colloquium, School of Architecture, 15-16 March 1984)
  • Ladakh expedition 1976. Report
  • Cambridge Nepal expedition 1975. Report
  • Geomorphology laboratory manual with report forms
  • Weathering of a Tassili Silurian sandstone, Central Sahara. Preliminary report
  • The Kimberley research project, Western Australia 1988 : a report
  • A Situation report on green belts in Scotland
  • Levekarsundersokelsen, 1972. Sluttrapport An analysis of levels of living, 1972. Final report
  • Geographical terminology of the rural cultural landscape (report on the progress of the international working group for the terminology of the agricultural landscape)
  • Annual Conference. University of Hull, 3 to 6 January 1978. Reports of sessions
  • Part-time farming: its nature and implications. A workshop report
  • Evoluting a central place hierarchy: a report on research at Tlemcen
  • Urban historical geography: a 1985 report card
  • Radiocarbon dating reports of Tohoku University n 9
  • A preliminary report on population pressure and land resources in Nepal
  • Radiocarbon dating reports of Tohoku University, N 8
  • De Verstedelijkingsnota en de beginselen van het rationele planningsproces The Urbanisation Report and the principles of the rational planning process
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Oriënteringsnota ; Pays-Bas ; Planification ; Politique gouvernementale ; Urbanisation ; Urbanisation Report
  • The Oriënteringsnota has caused expectations about the consequent application of the principles of the rational planning process. The author wonders to what extent a rational planning model is pursued in the governmental Urbanisation Report. (AGD).
  • The Kissinger Commission Report : its implications for the academic and consulting Latin Americanist geographer
  • Policy implications of an official report of 1984 to study political and social disorder in Central America. - (DWG)
  • Vierde Nota over de ruimtelijke ordening Extra. Fourth report on physical planning Extra
  • In 1988 the Fourth Report on Physical Planning was published by the Dutch Government. Compared with its predecessors the Fourth Report anticipates more by adjustments to quality than by increases in quantity. Urging environmental problems however
  • made a reconsidering of some policy outlines desirable. So the VINEX (fourth report extra) was published with a considerable shift to sustainable (and ecological justified) development. - (AGD)